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May 28, 2008 08:47 PM

Melbourne. Solo. Dinner. $50. Where?

I'm staying in the Melbourne CBD alone tomorrow night. Where should I go for a tasty meal without feeling strange eating alone? Budget is up to $50, but I'm equally happy with cheap and cheerful. I don't have any cuisine preferences; I eat and love literally everything. Tell me where you would go.

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  1. Yu-u.
    little collins st.

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    1. re: kmh

      You know what kmh, I took your suggestion. Unfortunately, there were no seats left (Friday night ... I really should've booked). Will make sure I come back though ... The smells of grilling yakitori was amazing! Talk about hidden gems though .. I had trouble finding this place and i was LOOKING for it.

      Anyway. I ended up just having some noodle soup at Noodle Kingdom near Chinatown which still hit the spot.

      1. re: Lucil

        I thought about MoVida ... But figured it'd be too busy on a Friday night. Thanks for your suggestion though : )

      2. Go to Bar Lourinha on Little Collins - it's a fantastic tapas bar on Little Collins where everyone sits on stools around the bar so you'd blend right in dining alone. They don't take bookings, but if you got there by 7pm you should be okay.