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May 28, 2008 08:40 PM

Lunch place for work people, need help

I take my team out to lunch once a month, but now my team has gotten too big. we're about 15 or more people now. I work at King and Spadina, so usually go to e-pan, pearl, asian legend, hero, brasaii...but now that we're 15+, no sure where I can take them where it's not too too expensive, and they can feed us all. Ghandi in the park or chippies is all I can think of! any one have a good suggestion for that area? please no Milestone type suggestions.


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  1. You all walk? Or short cab/drive?

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    1. re: Wil

      walk preferred. what did you have in mind?

      1. re: gastronom

        The problem is kinda teh 15+, but was thinking a short cab ride 93 Harbord can squeeze you in. Bloor/Spadina area iirc.

        Also short cab ride is Terroni on Queen W which is a decent option I think.

        Again, not sure if they would do it but Jules Bistro is nice and within walkin distance.

        As someone already mentioned Kit Kat is not bad.

    2. Kit Kat...which is just a short walk away on King.
      Good food at a good price.

      1. Why not try Crush Wine Bar? Lunch mains are in the $10-$20 range.