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May 28, 2008 08:16 PM

French Fries, Chips, Frites

I considered a diversion of the fish and chips post, but thought better of it. Where do you get good frites/chips/french fries? I loved the frites place on South street that closed about 8 years ago - all frites and about 30 dips. Other people crave chocolate, I crave fries. Where have you found the best?

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  1. I haven't found a place that measures up to the old belgian fry place you mention, I still remember the guy who worked there and his glasses, which were caked with grease at all hours of the day. Delicious! The Black Door used to have great fries, but they closed a while ago, since then I haven't had any as good. I've had good fries at the Ugly American, and the Good Dog's sweet potato and regular fries are good too.

    1. Haven't been in awhile, but I've always loved the Monk's frites.

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        Eulogy has really good twice cooked fries. I am also partial to Copabana's spanish fries ... Anytime you mix french fries with jalapenos and cheese is a good time to me.

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          I do love Copabana's spanish fries. I'll have to try Eulogy's it's the crispy fry that is hard to find

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            I love Eulogy's fries. My number one.

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              eulogy's got some great fries.

              also love me some north third fries. natural cut potatoes with a spicy dipping sauce.

        2. I'll have to agree about Eulogy. I also love the Royal Tavern's b/c they serve them with malt vinegar mayo and homemade ketchup. The P.O.P.E. (Pub on Passyunk East) also has decent fries.

          Ishkabibble's fries are more McDonald's-esque, but I adore them. Cooked perfectly every time, and with a Gremlin it's a great snack.

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              Y'know those little fuzzy critters from that movie. Just don't give them fries after midnight...

          1. I really like Eulogy's Frites
            Standard Tap's basket of fries are very ggod.
            Johnny Brenda's serves a basket of the really thin shoestring fries.

            1. I really enjoy Monk's and the Abbaye's fries (they're very similar, both being Belgian places).
              I also enjoy the fries at the New Deck in University City--its a certain brand and I just adore them.
              I'm glad to meet a fellow fry craver :)