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May 28, 2008 07:53 PM

Las Vegas- $75 pp dinner with good food?

I am having a difficult time finding a restaurant that serves really good food with a bill of around $75 per person. I am going to be in Vegas on Saturday and my Mother and Brother will both be there for the first time. They have set the price limit for dinner. I enjoy really good food and the last time I was in Vegas I ate at Bartolotta which was fantastic. Can you please help? I've been trying to read everything I can but I can't seem to come up with much and I need to make a reservation by tomorrow. One place I was considering is Tableau. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Mesa Grill comes in at that price range assuming you don't order a bunch of cocktails or expensive wine. Food is classic Bobby Flay southwest spicy. A great choice.

    Enoteca San Marco would easily come in under your limit. I actually prefer Enoteca to its more expensive big brother, B&B. Both are Mario Batali.

    Many places can be done for less than $75/person without expensive cocktails or wine and sharing appetizers.

    1. I strongly second Enoteca San Marco! Go and eat to your heart's content. You might make it to $75 each. Get a cheese plate!!!!! I hear the dessert flight is to die for but I ate too much of everything else to find out.

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        Thanks. What is the ambiance like there? Will we still feel like we are out for a nice dinner? I read a review somewhere that made me question the ambiance because it mentioned that the restaurant had a food bar and a few tables. I don't remember what the restaurant looked like when I was at the Venetian. Thanks for your help!

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          There's two parts to it...well three. There's the bar part. It's out front. You know how the Venetian is with the indoor but outdoor Venice feel. There's small tables out in that courtyard area. So that's totally like sitting at the busy mall. Great if you want to watch the Venetian shows and shoppers. Then there's the inside part which makes you feel like you are in a regular restaurant. It's darker, walls, still a little noisy but not bad. No more noisy when I was there than, say, Bouchon. I'd suggest making reservations and asking to sit inside.

      2. The lamb ragu at Enoteca is amazing. I have not had a better one. Pair it with the Zenato Ripassa which can be obtained in a "quartino" for a memorable experience. My wife loves the lamb and veal meatballs with ricotta cheese. She's spent a bunch of time trying to emulate them and has done a terrific job. She still orders those meatballs everytime we dine there. Let us know how you enjoy it.

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          Thanks! And you think that this is a better choice for what I'm looking for than Tableau? I will report back with our experience.

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            I have not been to Tableau for dinner. The breakfast and lunch I've had there have been very good. For that I highly recommend Tableau. It seems like with the under $75/person you may have to limit apps and drinks at Tableau for dinner while at Enoteca you can likely order what you want (within reason).

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              Tableau will be closing soon! In it's place: Larry Forgione's An American Place. Not sure when this is all going to happen.


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                Wow, thanks. The article also mentioned that Corsa Cucina might be closing too to revamp. I know the chefs changed but is it closed now or is it still operating only under Stratta's direction?