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May 28, 2008 07:44 PM

Deep Fried Paradise on TLC

It's some new show on right now...and I just watched this thing about a restaurant in Memphis Tennessee that deep fries hamburger patties.

Now I love deep fried foods as much as the next guy.....anything deep fried tastes good. HOWEVER I think that I heard that the restaurant has been using the same oil since 1912. How is this possible? Doesn't it go bad? Did I hear it correctly...90 year old oil? The oil is brownish black and my god the hamburger looks kinda gross after it's been bathing in black oil ):

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  1. Can't get any better than 90 year old grease. It's like the solara system for making sherry.

    1. i guess it's okay that it's strained...but doesnt it go bad?

      1. Ah,don't buy that hooey.I have serious doubts that's ninety year old grease.
        And deep frying hamburgers,yuck.That's like deep frying pickles.Hey no wonder so many people in the south are fat. Now,I live in the San Antonio,Tx area and we are or were one of the fatest cities in the US. I also weigh 216 lbs,though I don't look it,and i am loosing weight through trying to eat healthy and exercise.
        The Solara system for making sherry is one thing,this is something else.And how can you tell the oil is really 90 years old,did someone test it?

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          As it was explained on the show, not all the oil is 90 yrs old - but theoretically there could be some 90 yr. oil in there. Each day they drain whatever oil they use off of the meat/burnt particles, then add new oil to the old oil and start again. One customer interviewed said he didn't mind because they heat up the oil real good before frying the burgers in it - sanitation would be the least of my worries - I would worry a little more about the carcinogens and cholesterol.

          Looked disgusting to me - especially when the put cheese on the burger, then ladel the oil over the top to melt the cheese, and when they dip the bun in there to get a little more grease. Wouldn't stop me from at least trying it though.

          1. re: LStaff

            i hope they strain the oil through those strainers that labs use to catch viruses in. so freakin gross

          2. re: HollyDolly

            Probably they use Hydrocarbon 14 dating.

          3. I saw this show, thought it was very unappetizing and didn't look very good. I am not a slim person but would not try that at all.