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May 28, 2008 07:13 PM

Recommendation for Father's Day in Baltimore?

We need a good restaurant in Baltimore for a Father's Day lunch. After reading these boards, we tried The Bicycle, but they are not open that day for lunch. Our #1 priority is good food, but a view is nice as well. Please help! Thanks.

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  1. What about brunch at Gertrude's at the BMA? If the day is nice, then you can probably sit outside in the sculpture garden.

    1. Petit Louis is always open for lunch I think. It's in Roland Park and has no view, but definitely delicious food.

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        There was a recent report here about a very good experience at Petit Louis for their mother's day brunch special. If they do a father's day special as well, I would recommend it. Even if they don't, I still think it's a good choice.

        Here we go:

      2. Rusty Scupper has, I believe, a Father's Day Bruch/lunch. Great view. You may also want to call Tabrizi's(Harborview Drive--off of Key Highway) to determine if they are open for lunch. FoiGras

        1. Thanks for the ideas, everyone! Gertrude's and Petit Louis look especially promising. Thank you!