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May 28, 2008 07:06 PM

Hartford Restaurant

I am looking for a restaurant suggestion where we can have a nice dinner, but is also a place where we can have a nice conversation (not a loud place).

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  1. Karen, there are many chowhounders ready to help you....but, come on....a little help from you...what kind of food?...how much would you like to spend?....do you want downtown recs?..

    1. You could try Carbone's on Franklin Ave. (http://www.carbonesct.com/index.htm) You could try First and Last Tavern on Maple Ave.(http://www.firstandlasttavern.com/ind...) Also You could try Francesco's on Franklin Ave.(http://www.ristorantefrancescos.com/) Hope this gives you a few places to try. There are plenty around the Hartford area. But these are in Hartford which is what you asked for. Hope these help in your search.. Earle Ct.

      1. Costa del Sol has excellent Spanish food. Just like my Spanish family makes. Also, Pepercorns is very good. Carones is excellent and has been there for years. Braza's is good if you like meat. Jay

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          Cannot find "Carones" or "Carone" as a restaurant in Hartford....

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            It's Carbones (see above) .We were there a couple of weeks ago. Expensive; excellent service. Old-fashioned high-end Italian food (and what looks like a clientele to match), but if that's your thing, they do it very well.

        2. Forgot to add Max's for excellent upscale dining. Jay

          1. Haven't been in a couple years, but No Fish Today has a nice subdued (meaning you can have a conversation without having to yell at the person across the table) atmosphere. Food was worth what they charge, IMO.

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