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May 28, 2008 06:47 PM

Steak in Denver

What's a good place for steak in Denver (it's my boyfriend's b-day and that's what he feels like)? I have been to Morton's, Denver Chophouse, Capital Grill and Buenos Aires Grill and was probably most impressed with Buenos Aires Grill. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Fort. Try something different. A non-chain and unique restaurant. Go for a Buffalo steak, stuffed jalapenos and good bottle of wine. Much better than the different but same usual suspects.

    1. The Broker. I think there are two or more of them in Denver

      1. Best steak that I had in Denver was at Del Frisco's. This included Brook's, the Palm, Morton's and the like. I know that it is a mini-chain, but the food has always been great.

        Though the Capital Grill did not exist, when I lived in Denver, I have dined at several locations, and they have been good. But, even considering their flagship restaurant in DC, I still vote for Del Frisco's.

        Happy b'day to your BF,


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          Awesome, thanks for the recommendations!

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            Gotta say though, just went to BA Grill last night, and it was an all-around treat.

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            "A Good Steak" is a personal thing and there's no right answer but I'm going to agree w/ Bill and disagree with meeatgood. Favorite steak I've had, ever, is at Del Frisco's and that's better by a long shot. Have been 4 times. Capital Grill for me was second. Mortons a distant 3rd.

          3. I think that the best steak in Denver is at Ruth’s Chris, the way they prepare the steaks is spot on. The crust is perfect as well as the doneness (many other restaurants can’t get both right when steak is ordered rare). A close second is Del Frisco’s. I have never had a bad meal there. There crab cakes (although a bit pricy) are a must. They are amazing. Morton’s, Flemings, Capital Grill, and the Palm are all very good, but in my opinion are not at the level of the first 2. If you are not just looking for a steak house I would recommend Bistro Vendome. They have amazing Streak Frites. I would also look at Mizuna they always have an amazing steak dish on the menu

            The Broker is a Denver institution and I am not really sure why… unless you are a horse. The meal is HUGE bowl of shrimp that aren’t bad, mediocre soup, salad, bread, 2 sides, and dessert. The entrees are boring uninspired and I do not believe they are a prime steak house. The décor is old and frankly the place could use a good steam clean.

            I am surprised no one mentioned Elway’s. I have eaten their twice… and have been very disappointed. The first time I ordered a Porter House Oscar style. The meat was limp, I like my steak prepared rare. The outside was never seared it was if they put it on a luke warm grill. The Crab from the Oscar was so salty and tasted like it came from a can. The second time I ordered a bone in rib-eye. With the same limp result.