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Need help w/ 2 dinners in Atlanta

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I need 2 dinner recs for a small group (4-6). Several don't eat seafood of any type, so I would need a place with a varied menu. Also seeking a place with a good atmosphere/vibe. We'll be staying downtown near Peachtree Center without a car, but can get a cab as needed.

I have looked at: Ecco, Globe, Peasant Bistro, Two Urban Licks, FAB, City Grill, Dailey's, One Midtown Kitchen, Ray's in the City, Rathbun's, Repast and South City. Of those, these stand out:

Peasant Bistro
Two Urban Licks

Any feedback to help me narrow it down to 2? I'm sure I've missed a lot, so other suggestions welcome. Tapas would work, if there are any noteworthy places in town.


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  1. From your list my choice would be Ecco.
    Peasant Bistro is still working out the kinks, and I wouldn't suggest The Globe for a dinner when coming from out of town, maybe lunch though.
    I really like Two Urban Licks but many people think it's too loud. The food is aways good.

    Pura Vida in the Highlands for tapas is not far from your hotel and a great spot.

    Repast is excellent, and I highly recommend it.

    1. Your research is good as I agree with your choices although I haven't tried Globe. Ecco is in Midtown, so if geography matters, Peasant Bistro is in walking distance. You could walk across Centennial Park and be there in 10 minutes from Peachtree Center. I have eaten at the Bistro more than a dozen times and while they are newer than Ecco, their menu is much more diverse; I find the food awesome. Also, the window seating has beautiful views on downtown. If the weather is good, the patio is also very large and you could sit outside. When I ate at Ecco, I reserved for the outside eating and when I arrived they said there were no tables; it's a much smaller area. As for Two Urban Licks, it is loud and also a cab ride away. Bon appetit!

      1. I would try Woodfire Grill, Floataway Cafe, Sotto Sotto, Restaurant Eugene.Oh and Ecco.

        1. I like The Globe a lot, and use it for work entertaining.

          And I'd bring Repast, which didn't make it past your first cut, to the very top of the list: locally owned, great food, great drinks, very pleasant vibe.

          I would very specifically recommend against Ray's in the City, FAB, and South City. One Midtown Kitchen and Two Urban Licks are okay, and Rathbun's is very good (though he tends to have heavy hand with the salt).

          Tapas at Pura Vida are great, but if you're there on a weekend you'll need to reserve.

          1. I would go for Rathbun's Steak instead of the original Rathbun's and would second the opinion on Sotto Sotto - hand-crafted Italian pastas and everything is amazing. Both are a very short cab ride from downtown and have a fun view of the city on the way back. Another fun tapas place (one of the original spots in Atlanta) is Eclipse di Luna in Buckhead. Live music, great menu and drinks and very reasonably priced.

            1. You have gotten some good advice - Pura Vida, Woodfire Grill, and Floataway Cafe are all particularly worthy destinations. I do want to add a couple things. I would absolutely look at both Home and Bacchanalia - 2 of my favorites. Do One Midtown and Two Urban licks only if you favor a cool vibe over the food (which is adequate but not particularly good). Also, if you are staying downtown and want to go someplace that does not require a cab I recommend Thrive which is on Marietta Street across from the State Bar and a block from Phillips Arena. Also, several people have suggested Rathbun's and Sotto Sotto (both of which I second heartily); both are in Inman Park which is quite near downtown though not walkable both for distance and safety reasons. I would add Shaun's to the Inman Park destination list. Enjoy!

              1. i'm gonna answer your original question from the 4:

                Ecco - best choice

                Globe- closed last month for good...so...no

                Peasant Bistro - it's not bad, but why settle for mediocre to good when in Atlanta?

                Two Urban Licks - It's sister restaurant is about the same distance from downtown (One Midtown Kitchen) and i prefer way more. TUL is good for apps but avoid the entrees and desserts at all costs. OMK also has a cool wine deal. Bottomless glass of wine. You pay $22 and you get to pick from 5 whites, 5 reds, a dessert wine, and a sparkling wine. As many glasses as you want! That's the lowest tier, with higher tiered wine selects at $33, $44, $55 (something along those lines) for unlimited glasses. The $22 tier isn't that bad though; however, i usually go for the $33 tier. You can always receive wines from a lower tier than the one you ordered from *if you're curious about one*. It's a great way to just snack on different apps.

                To collaborate with other posters, Sotto Sotto is just as good as Ecco but a bit further cab drive.

                Woodfire Grill is great but a tad more expensive. i love eating here. Thursday nights now are 1/2 off bottles AND glasses of wine (can you see a theme for me here?!).

                i'd also recommend Rathbun's or Rathbun's Steak. They're both excellent. Not far from downtown.

                If you're looking for a meal to end all meals, go to Bacchanalia. It's the best in Atlanta, hands down, and also not that far from downtown. It will run you about $150/person, including wine, but it's amazing.

                Also, Cuerno, a midtown spanish loungey restaurant has really good food and atmosphere. It's pretty close to downtown too.

                Loca Luna has great tapas and is not too far from downtown. It's near One Midtown Kitchen. Inexpensive tapas with a fun atmosphere. It is the sister restaurant to Eclipse de Luna (mentioned by another poster herein) and tastes about the same.

                Floataway Cafe may be a little too far.

                Atmosphere french bistro is really nice. It's in midtown, although on the other side of midtown. It's in an old restored house. Great steak and frites. Also a good scallop dish with foamy white truffle sauce.