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Chinatown Crawl

If you were in Chinatown and you wanted to do a little foodie crawl, which four or five places would you hit and what single dish would you order at each spot?

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  1. I'd probably start at Peach Farm for giant oysters in black bean sauce and salt/pepper fried soft shell crabs..I know that's 2 dishes but the crabs are in season.

    Taiwan Cafe for beef/poblano peppers.

    Wings ..soup dumplings and braised pork shank..again 2

    Hong Kong Eatery for some dumpling soup/pork

    King Fung Garden for Peking duck.

    Montien..spicy pork with basil /peppercorns

    Penang..roti canai and beef rendang

    eta..all of these are part of my regular routine diet..but not in a single day..:)

    1. Mee Siam or Prawn Mee at Penang
      Lobster with ginger scallion at Peach Farm
      Hainanese Chicken at Pearl Villa
      Braised eggplant with basil at Taiwan Cafe
      and finally back to Penang for some Roti Canai and ABC!

      1. Kung Fung Garden: scallion pie and Shanghai noodles
        New Shanghai: XLB
        New Jumbo: salt and pepper squid
        Peach Farm: something that had been alive until quite recently, in black bean sauce
        Um...that little bakery at the corner of Harrison Ave and Beach St, with the blue awning that says "Coffee House": coconut custard tarts

        1. roti canai at penang
          roasted quail at xinh xinh
          any lunch special or rice plate at taiwan cafe
          soup dumplings at wing's kitchen and gourmet dumpling house
          pearl meatballs at new shanghai
          soy braised duck at best little restaurant
          hainanese chicken rice at pearl villa
          first course of peking duck at king fung garden

          1. Peach Farm: soft shell crabs
            Taiwan Cafe: either beef with poblanos or eggplant with basil
            Hong Kong Eatery: either a 1/2 a roast duck or roast pork
            Best Little Restaurant: Eggplant with garlic or soy braised duck
            King Fung Garden: scallion pancakes
            New Shanghai: steamed juicy pork buns (xlb)
            Wings: something with rice cakes
            Ho Yuen Bakery: coconut rolls
            Hing Shing Pastry: egg custards
            Mei Sum: bahn mi
            Penang: roti canai
            Xihn Xihn: avocado shake

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              Darn you listed two of mine:

              Ho Yuen Bakery: coconut rolls
              Mei Sum: bahn mi

              I would add the Squab at BLR and maybe the pork stringbean wrapped in lettuce.

              I would add steamed pork buns from Mei Sum or their thick rice noodles.

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                Damn, those pork & bean lettuce wraps are killer too.

            2. Never thought of a Ctown crawl, I would hit:

              Peach Farm - S&P soft shell crabs
              East Ocean City - S&P dungeness crab
              King Fung Garden - Peking duck
              Penang - roti canai & mango chicken or their buddhist yam pot w/ their chicken rice
              Taiwan Cafe - "fish head pot/soup/stew" (I don't know what the English name is) - best in the winter

              1. Great list so far.
                To add:
                Best Little Restaurant: Fried spareribs in garlic sauce
                Peach Farm: Eel with Maggi Sauce
                Rainbow Cafe: Cuttlefish balls
                New Shanghai: Cold Beef with sesame pancake
                East Ocean City: Tofu stuffed with minced shrimp.
                Wai Wai: Chicken and Duck on rice

                1. Pearl Villa for Scallops on the Half Shell
                  Golden Palace for crispy taro duck
                  Enzo Bakery for Chestnut filled sponge cake
                  Hong Kong Eatery for Jackfruit Shakes

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                    Couple of minor corrections and some news.
                    I think you mean Eldo Cake House and they are closed for renovations (hopefully). The site is currently gutted. Golden Palace isn't there anymore. It was replaced years ago by Big Fish and Shabu Zen. I also used to enjoy Golden Palace and they were only place in town with Shrimp with fried cream. East Ocean City has a passable crispy taro duck.

                  2. Wings: Ground pork with sesame cakes
                    Hei La Moon: a nice looking dumping (don't know any of their names)
                    Peach Farm: Scallops in garlic sauce (I think it's called?)

                    Already listed:
                    Taiwan Cafe: Braised eggplant with basil
                    Best Little: Soy Braised Duck

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                        It's a really tough call between the two. But, as I audibly swooned when I tasted the duck (see original report), I went with that.

                    1. Taiwan style pan fried dumplings and the beef shaobing at Taiwan Cafe
                      Steamed scallops with vermicelli and garlic @ peach farm
                      lo mein @ HK eatery
                      brisket curry pot @ penang
                      XLB, rice cake (stir fried or souped) @ wings
                      Chao zhou fen guo (dumplings with veggies, peanuts, waterchestnut and pork bits) @ China Pearl

                      1. Ken Oringer gives his Chinatown favs in this issue of the Improper Bostonian. My personal favorites are Ho Yuen Bakery, Hon Kong Eatery, and Xinh Xinh for Pho.

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                          Great topic with wonderful suggestions. Illness kind of took a hit outor
                          f me these last few weeks, but some of these dises sound absolutely restorative.