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May 28, 2008 05:32 PM

Vegetarian spots in Park Slope

I'm looking for vegetarian (preferably vegan) options in Park Slope. Second Helpings is the only one I can think of. Most Thai/Chinese/falafel places have options available, but sometimes you just need a good veggie burger or vegan cupcake (not me, a friend; I love meat). Suggestions for restaurants, takeouts, or bakeries, anyone? Thanks!

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  1. Something that is all veggie? Only all vegetarian place that I can think of is V-Spot. I didn't despise it like some do, but I haven't ever bothered to order from there again, either. There's a Red Bamboo not too far away. You can find the address on their website. The Village location is good.

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      while i am no vege, my wife sorta is. and i like vege's. but vspot was horrible. earth tonez is alot better.

    2. I am a big meat eater, but also a (surprisingly) big fan of Earth Tonez on 5th Ave. btw. 4th & 5th St. Their five spice burger is really good and I have liked all of their fake meat dishes too, enough so that I really haven't missed the meat. The chicken parm hogie that they have as a special pretty often was shockingly good. They had a tofu burger that I expected to hate, but really ended up liking. It's off the menu for now, but they're supposedly bringing some version of it back soon. I really like the desserts they have too, but they don't make those themselves. All the people that work there are nice too, which always helps. I have been reluctant to try S'Nice since I like Earth Tonez so much and I feel like they could use the support.

      1. 'snice on 5th Ave & 3rd St. is a great all-vegetarian spot. They have an extensive list of sandwiches and salads (many of which are vegan, or can be adjusted to be vegan), as well as daily specials of soups & sides. My favorites are the vegan panini (made w/ smoked tofu, sun-dried tomatoes, & pesto on grilled ciabata), the curried cauliflower wrap (w/ chick peas, brown rice, and a side of mango chutney), and the thai salad (w/ mesclun, mung bean sprouts, diced cucumbers, shredded carrots, cilantro, edamame, peanuts, sesame seeds, and a tasty carrot ginger dressing). The salad portion is incredibly generous, especially if you get it to go.

        They also have a lot of solid baked goods, many of which are vegan and/or dairy free. I usually go for the pumpkin raisin muffins, apricot bars, and date bars. I've been a regular at the W.Village branch (near my office) for some time now, and was very happy when they opened one in Bklyn.

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          i second the snice recommendation. i've been several times in the past couple weeks, and everything i have tried has been very good. all sandwiches and salads are $7.50, so its quite reasonable.

          another good place with alot of vegetarian options is Hunan Delight on 6th and Union.

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            I have actually had pretty bad luck with Hunan Delight (maybe it was what I ordered?), but have enjoyed some of the veggie items at Hunan Wok and Tofu for takeout chinese.

        2. Cool. Thanks everyone. And since you noted that as non-vegetarians you dis/liked certain spots, I know I can eat there too. Although, I am never ever eating a tofu "egg" scramble again.

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            Pita Hut has a Vegetarian section on their menu. I especially like the Vegetarian platter. For $8.95 you get hummus, baba ganoush, 2 stuffed grape leaves, 2 falafels, a chick pea salad, lentil salad and another salad with onions and pita on the side. The sitting area is not great, but you can take out or have your food delivered.

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              I've got a recipe for a killer tofu-egg scramble. I never, ever, ever eat one out!

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                Curly's in Manhattan makes a great tofu scramble in a dish called Green Eggs and Sham (it includes pesto and pumpkin seeds and it's super tasty!).

            2. Does Earth Tonez deliver to Carroll Gardens, by any chance?