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May 28, 2008 05:12 PM

Downtown recs for tequila/late night/breakfast

Hey Austin hounds! We'll be in Austin for one night, staying at the Intercontinental in downtown Austin, and would like some recommendations for bars/clubs that have a good selection of tequilas. How's the selection at the bar at the hotel? They advertise "best bar in Austin" but those claims aren't always warranted ;-)

We're coming from San Antonio and doing the TX BBQ trail on the way to town (Luling, Lockhart), so probably won't want much dinner, although we were thinking about possibly grabbing a burger later at El Camino Real. How late do they serve burgers? And how's their tequila selection?

Last but not least, what's your recommendation for breakfast/brunch on Sunday? From what I've read on this board, I was leaning toward Eastside Cafe. Do they take reservations for brunch? We'll be heading back to San Antonio on Sunday, maybe with a stop to do some tubing in Gruene or at the waterpark in New Braunfels.

Thanks, folks, I appreciate your assistance!

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  1. The Iron Cactus and Ranch 616 are good tequila destinations. Never been to the Intercontinental bar.

    I'm pretty sure the Casino el Camino kitchen is open until at least 1:00AM.

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      Thanks! Even with a big BBQ lunch in Luling/Lockhart, we'll definitely be hungry again by midnight, so Casino el Camino sounds like just the ticket. I'm not usually much of red meat eater, so my husband is very pleasantly surprised by my plan for this particular weekend ;-)

    2. that burger will be at Casino el Camino. and i've always liked Moonshine's sunday brunch buffet =)