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May 28, 2008 05:08 PM

Garden @ Eleven... closed once more

So it seems the newly re-envisioned Garden @ Eleven (formerly Eleven, formerly Ninth Gate) at Jarvis and Front is closed once more. I walked by today and noticed it looked shuttered. On closer investigation I found a notice on the door stating that the restaurant was locked and all contents were being seized by the landlord because the tenant owed $75,000 in unpaid rent. Ouch.

Perhaps the final chapter in the short yet rocky history of this restaurant? My sole lunch there was decent, but I never got a chance to return for dinner after Pat Riley was announced as the new chef...

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  1. Wife and I had a fantastic meal there about two weeks ago - with Pat Riley at the helm. Just happy we got to go at least once.

    Wondering if it's the location that's cursed or the owners....with all the chains in the area, especially down on the Espenelade (sp), and all the bars/pubs, it was nice to have something original in the area.

    1. I think somethings has to do with Steve Lee, he was a partner in Ninth Gate (Didn't work), Eleven (Didn't work and Garden @ Eleven (Didn't work.)

      I just feel bad for Pat Riley for getting involved at such an obvious bad situation so late. Especially coming from Perigee to Eleven. It seemed weird to me at the time.

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        Once you get $75K owing in back rent there is really not much you can do to pull it back out of the fire... I wonder if the chefs knew about the issues before they signed up ...

        1. re: OnDaGo

          I can't imagine that he would've, I hope most people understand that for the vast majority, chef's are just employees, and that while they are in charge of the kitchen, there are many in situations where the owner still wants to flex a majority of the decisions.

      2. I went a few weeks ago as well when Riley was in the kitchen. It was good value and definitely a place I would consider repeating.

        Any bets on where he'll end up now?