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May 28, 2008 04:41 PM

Please, oh, please can you help??

Please, please folks, can you help? I know it's not a real "foodie" question, but my friends keep kosher and won't eat anything but fresh fruit in regular restaurants. Does anyone know of a place around the north part of the Baltimore beltway (from Pikesville to Timonium to about Perry Hall) where they can order a nice fruit salad platter for lunch??

There are only a few restaurants which still have salad bars (Ruby Tuesdays, for example), so I'm looking for somewhere to get just a large plate of seasonal summer fruits (doesn't even have to be exotic) and some cottage cheese for a lunch entree.

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  1. The only place that springs to mind is the Double T on Rt 40 East (Pulaski Hwy.) in White Marsh - I'm not sure if that would be too downscale for you. I have gotten fruit plates with cottage cheese for brekfest that were pretty good. I'm not sure of the other Double T locations (there's also a Double T in Perry Hall on Belair Road (I think it's at the intersection of Joppa Road). I wonder if that Nautalis (spelling?) Diner in Lutherville on York Road has a nice fresh fruit plate?

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      Thanks, John, for taking the time to reply. I'll call the diners now to check. Thanks!

    2. I can't say anything about the food quality or taste, but I can say that Suburban House has fruit + cottage cheese on the menu.

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        Hmmm.. you can't or won't??? :) Thanks for the info! I'll check it out!

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          Is there some reason why they can't or won't consider one of the Kosher restaurants in the area such as Accents Grill? http://www.accentsgrill.com/

      2. There are a number of kosher restaurants on Reisterstown Rd - such as Accents Grill mentioned below - David Chu's Chinese Bistro as well - very good kosher chinese

        David Chu's China Bistro
        7105 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215

        1. It's possible you could get this at Miss Shirley's. It might be ordering off the menu, but for the prices they charge, I'm sure they would accommodate. Miss Shirley's is located on Cold Spring Lane near Roland Ave. It's a bit more upscale than Ruby Tuesday.

          1. Yeah, as crackers notes above, there are a bunch of perfectly decent kosher restaurants in the area, including Accents, Kosher Bite, Tov Pizza, David Chu's, and Amanda's. All of these are under supervision of the local rabbinate and have large orthodox clientèles, and all of them are readily accessible from 695.