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May 28, 2008 04:06 PM

DAT Dining for someone new in town

Just moved to the Bay Area and was looking for suggestions for DAT from the board. I can't seem to find Rubicon on the list which seemed to be a past favorite and would love to hear about people's suggestions, especially for new comers to the DAT options.

In Boston, we had a similiar event and I loved checking out some of the best restaurants in the city from Radius to 10 Park. Hope to do the same here.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. definitely check out Aziza. Cal-Morracan. probably has one of the best DAT menus in terms of variety.

      1. Most of the places on the June list, you'd have no problem ordering dinner a la carte for under $32, or lunch for under $22.

        Summer is peak tourist season so some of the more expensive restaurants that are in the January DAT (slowest time of the year) have no reason to participate.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I've never participated in DAT either, been hesitant to. I've done Washington DC's Restaurant Week before, and the overall impression for me was that restaurants that were normally really good came up short during the promotion. They would offer either extremely limited menu choices, smaller portions, or cheaper ingredients to cover the lower price point margins. In addition, the service was always poor because not only were the restaurants always slammed with value-seeking diners, but the staff also knew that the check averages and their tips were going to be lower so they just wanted to do as many turns as possible. All in all, it was usually not a good time to visit a place you've been eager to try since it would probably be a misleading impression on the restaurant's regular operations.

          Is that the case for DAT?

          1. re: justtryit

            Yes and no. There's lots of discussion in the archive. Use "Search this board" for title:dat.

            This is the first time they've done one in June so who knows.

        2. I think Cortez would be a good deal with DAT. We went last year for a non-DAT dinner and spent a fair amount there and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I'm thinking of it this time. The other posters are right, though, most of the restaurants on the list are already in the lower price ranges. Of course, that means that when you get there you can peruse the DAT menu and the regular menu and make your own mind up. But don't go out of your way for most of them.

          Thoughts on bushi-tei, Campton Place, Oola, Fish & Farm, or Frisee, anyone?

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          1. re: alixsinger

            A couple of us were talking about checking out Fish & Farm. I think lunch is a better deal for DAT than dinner -- thanks for reminding me that lunch at Campton Place was one of the options I was considering.

            1. re: alixsinger

              i'm heading to Laiola on the 5th, bushi-tei on the 7th and Chez Papa on the 13th for lunch.