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May 28, 2008 04:06 PM

What is so special about Tavern on the Water??

I just have to ask. I have some friends who really love this place. Maybe it's just not my kind of hangout. I went w/ some friends and had drinks. I ordered a glass of pinot noir and it was almost hot it had been sitting by a window in the sun all day. Yuck! I'm sure some of you might be thinking "ok, she's lame...she went to Tavern on the Water and got wine. Well it's because I don't drink beer (I hate the taste and smell of it), so I have to do the wine thing. Anyhow, my glass was disgusting, but the vibe I was getting was that I should not ask for another one because they'd probably think I was a pain and would do something nasty to it. I just let it go and didn't bother to drink it. We all went downstairs for dinner after and the food was horrendous. I could have made better mac and cheese at home. My friends did not like their meals either.

I guess maybe it's a place to go and get sloshed, hook up w/ someone, or a place where you go if you don't care about atmosphere, good food, good drinks. Honestly, I like hole in the wall places and dives, but if you're going to be no frills, at least serve a good drink so that your customers will order more of them and want to stay!

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  1. Nothing special there except the location and the view - and they seem to get the crowds regardless of how warm the wine is and how bad the food/service is also. Sail Loft (or Rowes Wharf when I can afford it) in Boston are far superior waterside options for me.

    1. no beer, no wine, how about a Proper Cocktail?

      1. The answer is in your question. It's on the water.. sorry couldn't resist..:)

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          Ok, a water view...big deal! I'd rather risk getting arrested for public drinking by taking a good bottle of wine to one of the docks on the Esplanade or sitting by the Aquarium than going to Tavern on the Water. I mean come on! At least serve good drinks there to balance out the other crappy things this place offers.

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            The breezes on a hot summer night are much nicer at Tavern on the Water than at the Esplanade and the Aquarium, mainly because you're a good ways above the water and situated so that a southerly wind is coming right off the water. Basically, it is what it is--a place to grab a beer and a burger while hitting on everyone and everything (or avoiding getting hit on) between innings of the Sox game on TV. Not my cup of tea really, but I do like going there when it's still 85 degrees at 9:00 at night.

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              Hey, what do you want from me? I don't own the place(or even go there).

              Just answering the original question.

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                I'm joking. :-) I mean, yes it sucks, but I the view itself doesn't inspire me to go there.

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                  Me either..but enough people do.

                  The police have been cracking down on public drinking on Long Wharf be careful if you go that route..:)

          2. To me, it's all about the views (and the breezes on a hot summer night). That's about it, though...

            1. >Well it's because I don't drink beer (I hate the taste and smell of it),

              Don't give up on beer - there are many different styles and hundreds of different flavors - at least one or two will appeal to you. Unfortunately most people judge "beer" based on the one style they are exposed to - light industrial lager - which is the equivalent of judging all wine based on mass produced white zin.

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                Believe me...I've tried many types. Something about it I just don't like. The smell and taste just puts me off. Maybe it's the hops?? I don't really know. I've tried so many kinds and it just isn't my thing.