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May 28, 2008 04:04 PM


Traveling to Bermuda in mid-June with a well-behaved child and husband, also well-behaved. Need restaurant recommendations mainly for dinner, but any ideas for lunch are also appreciated. We're staying at Coco Reefs but are able to get a cab to wherever. We'd like at least one memorable place for a special Sunday lunch or dinner (we'll be celebrating Father's Day). I've been to Bermuda before, but it's been a while. I remember Lobster Pot and Portofino's, but I'm sure there have been many changes in the intervening years.

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  1. My client who lives on island loves Rustico I think it's called in Flatts. Cambridge Beaches has awesome cuisine

    1. We just got back and had great meals at Frescos, Barracuda Grill, Bouchee- very nice fixed price dinner available for $37 and BLU. Lunch was fun at Swizzle Inn South. Breakfast, lunch or dinner for something simple and diner like is Paraquet, right by your hotel. We walked there several times for breakfast from Elbow Beach Hotel.

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        I know Coco Reef is on the beach, but as you have a child it might be fun to eat at Mickey's one lunchtime, it's right on the beach at Elbow Beach Hotel. Lobster Pot and Portofino are still there, as is Little Venice just up the road. I think the restaurant at The Reefs is open again, might be a nice choice for Father's Day as would Phelana's suggestion of Cambridge Beaches. Blu is another option, it's not too far from Coco Reef, the mojitos are delicious and the view beautiful.

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          Thank you so very much! I expect that I'll need a close-by lunch rec on at least 2 days because my husband will be in meetings and it'll just be me and the child, so we'll definitely try Mickey's. I hadn't heard of it or Little Venice, and I'll add them to the list.

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            The location of Mickey's is great---right ON the beach. Much of the food is simply OK, but get the Chicken and Mango salad---IT IS AWESOME!

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              Agree with Anne, location is great but food is only ok for the price you pay at Mickeys. Just had tapas and cocktails at the Seabreeze Terrace (steps away from Mickey's) and that was nice for something light as menu was all tapas and sushi.
              Brunch, I believe that the Reefs restaurants are still closed. Seahorse Grill (also at Elbow Beach) does a nice brunch as does Fourways, which has a more old world feel.
              Paraquet is diner like and great with traditional non-fussy foods.
              Blu I would not recommend for the food, only the view.
              Ten (by the Bulls Head carpark, across from Masters) is nice for a non-buffet breakfast or lunch. They do some nice smoothies. You could walk around in town afterwards as well.
              Barracuda Grill is one of my favourite special meal places, they do a tasty banana volcano cake which is a favourite indulgence (if you like chocolate and banana).
              Could also pick up sandwiches and drinks at any of the sandwich places in town and picnic in the park which is nice if it's the weather's nice.

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                Lemon Tree Cafe on Queen near Front backs on to Par-la-Ville Park and has wonderful food you can take out to eat in the park.

                I've heard great reports of Barracuda Grill, but the place gives me claustrophobia.

                Fourways hasn't changed in 25+ years and is jam-packed for Sunday brunch, very child friendly though.

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                  our friends live there and eat here often. we went with them and glad we did. they're reopening in July 2008 according to their website, but to check if they open sooner. if so, GO!

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                  Disagree...we had a great meal at BLU besides a wonderful view. Barracuda was a good meal also, but the only place we felt that dinner was rushed.

        2. We're back home and here is our report: We went for a quick bite at Lobster Pot, which was just so-so. That's pretty much what we expected, though. We had dinner with friends at Waterloo House, which was really good: fine dining on the patio, but I imagine it's going to close with the hotel, which we hear is closing this summer. Not the best place at all for a child, however, but we didn't choose it. We did have to take turns walking him around away from the table so as not to interrupt other diners. Dinner at Barracuda was very good, even as we were with a group of 10. Not good for children; they didn't even own a high chair. Not that I'm blaming them or defending our stupidity in taking him there... The Barracuda had extremely good fish chowder. Lunch at Pickled Onion was nice, and I returned there for drinks and appetizers one evening with our child. Service was good and it was child friendly. Dinner and lunch again at Portofino, as it was child-friendly and not overly expensive. I thought it was pretty good and the servers were accommodating.

          1. I should add that we also ate twice at Mickey's on the beach (at Elbow Beach hotel). Very pricey, but accommodating to children in the extreme. Good place to have a mid-day drink or two and I do recommend the chicken/mango salad. Not so much the fish and chips as the fish was soggy. Chips were good. Also, ice cream at Double Dippers on Front Street in Hamilton is pretty good, but the "atmosphere" leaves a bit to be desired. It doesn't have any high chairs, and is immediately adjacent to a bar that attracted a rougher crowd, who swore and smoked hanging over the rail to the ice cream parlor's patio. I guess a business can't exactly choose its neighbors, but it seriously dampened the experience and made us want to move on as quickly as possible.

            1. Nothing like being in Bermuda at the Mandarin Oriental and having some of the best seafood at Mickey's..sometimes we would anchor off elbow beach and swim in for drinks..