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May 28, 2008 03:45 PM

Do you ever thaw and refreeze meat without cooking?

I've heard it's safe to do so, provided that you've thawed it in the fridge, but I always feel a little uneasy doing this.

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  1. You are not recommended to do this. The only time you might is if there are still ice crystals in the meat. That is why they mark 'previously frozen' meat at the grocer.

    1. No. I'm not the most strict food safety cook, but that's one thing I don't do.

      1. Safe? Yes.

        Good for the palate? No.

        1. I will do it once, but only if the internal temp of the meat did not get over 34° during the thaw, or it must be cooked/discarded.

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            I do not freeze any meats, unless I've received them from a mail order/specialty store and they are already frozen....home freezers can't drop the temp fast enough to prevent large, relatively speaking, ice crystals from forming in the meat........once defrosted much is lost through the thaw when these large crystals dissipate......most large mail order facilities blast freeze product in a nitrogen tunnel that freezes the product rapidly forming much smaller crystalization....upon thawing little is lost in moisture/flavour.
            Many people prefer F.A.S. (frozen at sea) seafood products over fresh because often fresh is caught,iced, and held until a quota is reached.....could be days......FAS is frozen at the peak of freshnes......freezing/thawing in fridge/ re freezing probably won't hurt anything ,but the already compromised product.....sorry to be so long winded.

          2. No, only because I don't want to take a chance.