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A drink in a pineapple

Hi everyone,

It has been a long-standing running gag between my boyfriend and myself that he would like a drink in a pineapple. I would like to take him to a place where he can get one as a treat. Does anyone know where that could happen? Requirements: must be alcoholic, must be served in a hollowed-out pineapple. Proximity to Harvard Sq. is a bonus, but not required.


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  1. I'm pretty sure the East Coast Grill has one. Plenty of pictures of 'em on their website, tho' I don't see it on the drink menu...

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      ECG does, but I believe only at the Lava Lounge, and possibly at the bar.

      1. re: finlero

        and the Lava Lounge is where you want to be when you drink your drink-in-a-pineapple, now isn't it?

        1. re: finlero

          ECG no longer does it anywhere in the restaurant. I just confirmed with a bartender.

      2. I admit I've never been, but SURELY Kowloon must do something like this, mustn't they?

        I fully admit that I will order anything that comes in a ceramic coconut, hollowed out Tiki idol, or volcano-shaped bowl. A drink in a hollowed-out pineapple would suit me equally well, and if you can find a place locally, I'm there.

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          i know they do one in a coconut shell (my Kid keeps his change in it now) but i've never seen an actual pineapple being served.

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            Khao Sarn serves a shrimp dish in a fresh coconut. With their stellar bartending, I'm sure they could be prevailed upon to serve an alcoholic tipple in a hollowed out pineapple. They pride themselves on their creative bartending, and always aim to please...

            1. re: galleygirl

              Why have I never heard this about Khao Sarn before???

              1. re: Alcachofa

                That they do unique cocktails, or that they have a shrimp cooked in a whole coconut dish?

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                    Surely you jest. Certain hounds have been talking about Yoshi's mad skillz at the bar, including the snake venom cocktail for a while now. They really do nice cocktails ... think lychee "martinis" etc.

          2. Have no been but how about Golden Temple in Brookline- from what I have read here it sounds like the kind of place that would do that. Call and ask.

            1. I'd try Penang in Chinatown.

              1. Well, this is an odd coincidence. I was on Yelp yesterday looking at Chinese restaurant reviews and found that while China Delight on Somerville Avenue is known for having bland but fresh food, they also serve a standout cocktail in a pineapple. I haven't tried it myself but the reviews I read noting it were recent and laudatory.

                China Delight
                524 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, MA

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                1. re: Dea

                  I live very close to China Delight and can vouch for the freshness of their food and their very good/strong drinks!

                  I actually like the flavor of their food very much. It is "Americanized" but I have found it to be some of the freshest and tastiest around that area.

                  1. re: TomH

                    That's good to hear Tom. I've been looking for good Chinese and have a nasty cold right now that requires spicy food, so didn't order from them due to the blandness complaints on Yelp. I'll definitely give them a go next time though.

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                      I think I know just the trick! I had an order of Kung Pao Chicken, extra spicy, about a week ago and it had a pretty good kick to it. Enjoy. :)

                2. Not close to Harvard Square, but there's always the super-tacky Kowloon. Just don't eat anything while you're there...

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                    the Saugus Wings and their Pork Fried Rice are good and a Good Trip down memory lane. also, when they run their Lobster Special i usually head over.

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                      I'd be surprised if Kpwloon serves in a real pineapple. Sure, a ceramic pineapple but I'd doubt they use the real thing.

                      1. re: Chris VR

                        Ceramic? You're giving them too much credit! In my (possibly faulty) memory, it's plastic all the way.

                        My real complaint about the "Polynesian" drinks there is that they all taste the same. (And are accompanied by horrible, overpriced food. Sad.)

                    2. Just a theory, but does the Hong Kong have something like this? The website has a "Pineapple Passion" which lists "rum, whiskey and passion nectars" as ingredients. Seems a likely place to have what you're looking for, and in the Square no less.

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                        They do the pseudo-Polynesian cocktail thing but I'd be amazed if they even have actual pineapples in the place, let alone serve drinks in them. The Hong Kong exists mainly to get students drunk as quickly as possible.