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May 28, 2008 03:32 PM

Eaton's Sugarhouse reviews?

Anyone ever eat at Eaton's Sugar House outside of Royalton/Randolph? We are in Vermont this weekend and are thinking of heading there for breakfast or lunch. Anyone have some experience they would like to share? also what are their hours of op.


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  1. Most of my family enjoys this place. The only time I went was late afternoon. Everyone ordered the Sheppard's Pie, which is one of my favorites, normally. The Sheppard's Pie was dry (did not use cream corn), there was no onion, and to my suprise some sort of cheese melted in a microwave on top. The Cheese would have been a good idea baked on REAL Sheppard's Pie, but this concoction was almost unedible. Made even worse by the more than generous portion of the slop.

    All this said, everyone has great things to say about their breakfast menu. And as I think about it when we had the Sheppard's Pie everyone else had pancakes, french toast, etc. Next time I get dragged here, no matter what time it is, I will order off the breakfast menu.

    1. We go there fairly regularly, although we've only done breakfast so far. Good syrup, decent pancakes and waffles, and a friendly staff.

      It's not the top of my list for the area, but it's certainly good on it's own merits.

      1. Thanks, we took your advice and had breakfast there. We were not disapointed. Interesting atmoshphere, a restraunt inside a sugar house/country gift store. The food was very good, the pancakes were very filling, and the fresh maple syrup is worth the price, and the trip