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May 28, 2008 03:19 PM

Las Vegas: 2 Weeks of (usually) Fine Dining

I just returned from my semi annual two week jaunt to Las Vegas. The food is as good as ever. Maybe better. Here's a quick summary of where I ate. For an overly lengthy description of each, see my reviews at . Restaurants are listed alphabetically; Vegas Uncork'd follows after the restaurant list.

Vegas Uncork'd: multiple meals at multiple locations. Wow! This was foodie heaven. I chose a few events: a special dinner put on by Guy Savoy himself; a lunch by Alex Stratta; the Grand Tasting at Caesar's Roman Plaza; a Cocktail Smackdown at Blush, Wynn's latest incarnation of an ultra lounge.

Restaurant Charlie / Bar Charlie. Wow! This was foodie wait, I already used that phrase. In any case, it was one of my most enjoyable meals in recent memory.

Okada. Probably my nine millionth review of this place. Obviously I like it...a lot...and this time was no different.

Seablue. A pretty good seafood restaurant. This time I ate at the bar, and had a very good meal.

Payard P√Ętisserie. Over the last couple of years, Vegas has discovered fancy French bakeries. I'm not sure if Payard Patisserie is the best, but it might be. Hmmm...more research is required!

Margaritaville. Well, it's confirmed: you don't go there for the food.

Burger Bar. Not quite the best hamburger in town, but the best in its price range.

Sensi. I left Sensi feeling I had missed something. It wasn't bad, but wasn't satisfying either.

FIX. I keep coming back to FIX. For me, it's the equivalent of going to a bar. The food is pretty good, and I always meet an interesting character or two.

STACK. This is FIX, Jr.

Bouchon. Still the best breakfast in town.

Enoteca San Marco. I stopped by for a gelato break. It didn't seem as good as in the past, and they no longer offer salted caramel. Still, it's pretty good.

Cafe Bellagio. Still the best pancakes around.

Bellagio Lunch Buffet. I know I don't like buffets, so why do I torture myself and keep going?

Canyon Ranch Cafe. Generally healthy meals, but don't hold that against it. They have great granola.

Le Golosita. I had some pretty good gelato here.

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  1. Hey Larry, I have to say that your reviews are really great and informative. I took a look at your page when I was trying to decide where I want to hit in Vegas when I visit for a long weekend. I'm eating at Okada & L'Atelier but have one more dinner before my red eye flight that I haven't decided on (maybe Burger Bar or Craftsteak, though not sure if a big steak is a good idea before boarding a plane!). Also want to check out Jean-Philippe and Payard (do they have/have you tried their macarons - any good?). Might try Verandah too. Thanks for sharing your reviews.

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    1. re: always_eating

      Thanks! I don't think I've tried the macarons at any place except the now closed chocolate shop at Wynn. However, I remember standing in front of a batch of macarons at some shop - perhaps Payard - while the person behind the counter rattled off the 6 or 7 flavors available. If you try them, let us know what you think.

      1. re: always_eating

        I tried one of the pistachio macarons at Payard. It was very good but I'm not an expert on macarons. It had a pleasingly light yet chewy texture and a strong pistachio flavor, despite the appalling green color. Why do pistachio macarons and ice cream have to be bright green?

        The gelato at Jean-Philippe is superb.

        1. re: Debbie W

          If Payard has macarons I am definitely going to try all flavours! So hard to find macarons here like in Paris or Tokyo. And lol about the green colour. I guess they need to hit us over the head that it's pistachio. Because bright green must = pistachios!? I think I will also have to try Jean-Philippe's chocolates but interested in hearing any other chocolate recommendations.

      2. I really like Le Golosita. I haven't had the gelato but the food was tasty and fresh. I think I even ate anchovy bread! I don't do anchovies. :)