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May 28, 2008 03:00 PM

Grand Central Area

Hello all.

I want to say that I'm a foodie and a born and raised NYer. However I'm really a west side girl.

I am now going to be working in the immediate vacinity of grand central station. My job requires me to know the area VERY well and to make reccomendations of where to eat, go, do etc etc.

Any and all options would be greatly appreciated. Brunch, chinese, delis, etc etc etc etc

thanks in advance!

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  1. How immidiate are we talking? Looking forward to helping...

    1. Grand Central TERMINAL (not, station - that's the subway) is full of great restaurants including Metrazur from Charlie Palmer, the famous Oyster Bar and Michael Jordan's Steakhouse - which is owned by the same group that owns Striphouse and basically has the same menu.

      Also, downstairs at Grand Central in the Dining Concourse, there's so many great to go places. There's Two Boots, Brother Jimmy's, Manhattan Chili, Dishes, Little Pie Co., Chirpin Chicken, Ciao Bella, Mendy's and Junior's. The best part is that you can get there underground if it's raining from so many different passages.

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      1. re: kc_webs

        The places downstairs in the "terminal" are definately NOT what i had in mind.
        LeahBaila- I'm looking in a 10 block radius I suppose.
        Some places I already know about and enjoy in that area are Pampano, Benjamin's, Pera. Dos Caminos 3rd ave has a suprisingly delicious brunch FYI. (even if it is brguest)
        I'm looking for great chinese, italian, deli, etc. I need to have these in my arsinal of restaurants, and I guess I've just never spent enough time on the east side!


        1. re: amanda24

          Sure thing, Amanda. Here are some of my picks:
          Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine
          Artisanal (French/brasserie)
          Rare Bar & Grill (great burgers)
          Mama Mexico
          Bukhara Grill (Indian)
          Luna Piena (Italian)
          Dishes (wonderful modern "deli")
          Mangia (deli)

      2. This is slightly dated but a good start for exploring.

        1. My go-to delis for salads are Blake & Todd (also has good pasta/pizzas) and Devon & Blakely. There is also a 'wichcraft at 47th & Lex.

          1. Chinese - first choice is Szechuan Gourmet on 39th btwn 5th and 6th and second choice is Wu Liang Ye on Lex btwn 39th and 40th.

            In grand central, Michael Jordan's has a very good steak and a great, underrated burger at lunch.

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            1. re: ESNY

              For Chinese, is Phoenix Garden too far (40th between 1st + 2nd Aves)? I don't know of better Chinese in Manhattan.

              1. re: Hugh DeMann

                i second phoenix garden plus it is byob. don't judge them on decor judge them on the food. yum.