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May 28, 2008 02:54 PM

Celebration dinner in Kansas City?

I'm looking for recommendations for a graduation dinner/party for about 20 people in kansas city in August... someplace with decent wine, preferably a separate room or area for a big group, not too stodgy, not too pricey. All grownups, from various parts of Canada and the US. Any suggestions?

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  1. Classic Cup Wine Cellar on the Plaza; Starker's on the Plaza; Carmen's in Brookside has an upstairs area you could use; 1924 Main.

    1. i'll 2nd the Carmen's and 1924 recomendations.

      1. great, thanks so much...

        1. I love Piropo's. They have an extensive wine list and two locations: Parkville and Briar Cliff is the newer one.