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May 28, 2008 02:42 PM

Last Boston Meal -- Sushi Debate

I'm taking someone out for a last meal in Boston before she moves away. I'm looking for something light and seasonal. Price is no limit. I was thinking of B&G, one of my all time Boston favorites, but am leaning towards a Sushi option. I've been to Uni, OYa, and Oishi 3 and think they are all pretty great; Which do you think is the best Boston goodbye? My general thinking is that OYa and Oiishi 3 are very similiar in terms of style, so may as well do Oya between those two. But Uni is certainly a bit different. Anyone have thoughts?


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  1. I'd rule out Clio, as the menu is so limited (although excellent) and they don't take reservations.

    Between Oishii and O Ya, if can score a reservation, I'd go with O Ya, as I think it would be the most memorable as a sendoff. To me, Oishii is very good, but O Ya is downright unique.

    One possible plus for Oishii, it is purported to have a patio (I haven't seen it), which could make for a nice place to sit on a late spring evening.

    1. My vote would be Uni, consistently spectacular.

      If fin is talking about a patio @ Oishi in the South End, it's not in a great spot. It's on a bit of a gritty stretch of Washington Street. It's certainly no Oleana or Hammersley's when it comes to ambiance.

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        I would go to O YA over the patio at Oishi. Sushi should not be eaten al fresco. Eating a refined meal while a silver line bus drives by is not my idea of a good time. Totally incongruous but, hey, it's the new south end. B&G's patio is lovely.

      2. I haven't been to Uni yet, but have had great meals at both Oishii in the South End and O Ya. I found the level of food at both to be quite similar, but O Ya seemed friendlier, more accessible, and maybe a little cheaper. I had (among other things) a 10-piece sushi special that was $35 and each piece was made with tremendous care. That said, the foie gras sushi with truffle at Oishii made me laugh out loud, it was so good. I don't think you can miss with any of these choices - enjoy!

        1. I've had pretty spectacular meals at all three of those places.

          O Ya isn't as tough a table as you might think; they appear to keep a number of seats and tables open for walk-ins. I like the look of O Ya a lot, but every time I've been in, I've disliked the music they play (late 50s and early 60s rock and pop); I find it jarring with the food and atmosphere.

          I love the omakase at Oishii Boston, but it kind of bummed me out at one point on my most recent visit to see the hostess (or is she the GM?) flipping her long hair about sans hairnet in the kitchen behind the sushi bar. I've been in for cocktails in the bar a couple of times. Their bartending is nothing to write home about, but the bar furniture is kind of cool. That patio is indeed awful; car exhaust and sashimi are not a happy mix.

          I haven't been back to Uni in a while. I need to return. It's certainly the most intimate of the three.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I agree about the music at O Ya. It doesn't fit at all.

          2. Oishii or go see Otto at the Sushi Bar at Skipjacks, Needham St in Newton after 5PM