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May 28, 2008 02:40 PM

Boardwalk restaurants @ Disney

Believe it or not, Blue Zoo now has a Happy Hour from 5-7 pm nightly. Drinks and food are $ 5. We went last nite. The waitress mentioned they had lots of good wines, but when questioned, I had my choice between a Chard and a Cab! We got the Classico Flatbread which was the same size as before. It was great!!! I had the Chard and it too was excellent.

But I have to wonder if they are in deep trouble??? Why else would they offer a Happy Hour????

You can choose from their:
Classic Manhattan
Old Fashioned
Rob Roy
Cellar Wines
Vodka or Gin Martini
rum punch

Classico Flatbread
Barbacoa beef flatbread

All are $ 5 each exclusive of tips and gratuity

Went to Il Mulino's for a cappuchino (?sp?) and espresso. Were told the machine was down for repair. We've been told that the last 3x we went there. Hummm.

Do they have another new chef at Flying Fish. Went last nite and a Chef Bob came out to discuss my wife's food allergy. I know Jens Dahlman is over at the California Grill. I thought Tim Keating was the new chef at Flying Fish.

We actually did do all of these last nite. We like to get appetizers around the Boardwalk. Nice "progressive dinner," so to speak.


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  1. Chef Tim was there last Saturday night. We have dinner there every 6 weeks and drive from Sarasota for a long weekend.
    We also stop for a nightcap at the Belle Vue upstairs from Flying Fish. Tim is bartending on Sat. and Sundays and is the best bartender on Disney Property. Tell him Rob and Laurie sent you.
    This is a must stop for anyone staying at the Boardwalk Inn or Villas!!!


    1. Thanks for the tip on Blue Zoo, I'll check it out. I think a lot of restaurants are slow this time of year. Tim is still at the Flying Fish, and the food has been outstanding the last few times I went.

      1. Went to Blue Zoo, twice, when we were there last month. It was much better than the other places we visited at the Boardwalk. As I read this post the only thing I could think of was that I got the impression that the Swan and Dolphin might get a lot of convention type business where the dinners are included (as it was when we were there) and possibly that was a way to get people in before they headed somewhere else. I would not hesitate to go back and everyone I was with were very happy with their meals.
        Although, I didn't like paying $10.50 for a martini, but it was the price everywhere at the Dolphin.