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May 28, 2008 02:33 PM

Alternative to Pt. Loma Seafoods

I absolutely love the ahi, sea bass, and halibut at Pt Loma seafoods. Every Wednesday I make a new creative challenging fish entree to go with Top Chef and have been purchasing the fish at Pt Loma Seafoods, but I can't get out of there for less than $25-$30 for 2 good pieces. Anybody have a good alternative? Also anyone getting creative for Top Chef tonight?

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  1. Costco actually has some decent fresh fish for a reasonable price. They usually have nice halibut and ahi.

    1. Windmill Farms near SDSU/Del Cerro has a nice selection of fish. I recently bought some local Halibut and it was delicious. I also saw some beautiful ahi there on Sunday.

      1. I'll second Windmill Farms and also send you to Blue Water Grill on India St. a couple of doors down from El Indio. Their fish is a dollar or two less per pound than PLS and just as good. They've got 21/25 shrimps for $13.95/lb. and a pound of shrimp will go a long way and are quite versatile. I bought some locally caught halibut there on Saturday that was in the $12-13/lb range as opposed to the Alaskan halibut that was $21.95/lb. Their local snapper/rock fish is usually also a pretty good buy.

        1. If you have one closeby, Fresh and Easy has good yellowfin and ahi tuna and scallops, and their prices are pretty cheap. They also have tilapia and a couple of other varieties I haven't tried. I also really like the fresh fish selection at Nijiya in Clairemont. Hamachi, yellowtail, etc. great for sashimi.

          1. 2nd Costco, Ahi is always fab, halibut and scallops are excellent as well, they also have dover sole under $4. pp. I'd avoid talapia, very boring and tastless.