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May 28, 2008 02:27 PM

Dinner with 80 something parents near Navy Pier

My folks and I will be in Chicago for my daughter's graduation in mid-June. We will be staying at the Sheraton on East North Water Street. Can anyone either tell me what the food in the hotel is like or suggest a restaurant VERY near to the hotel. My Dad can't get into cabs very well anymore and two blocks of walking, one way is probably as much as he and my Mom can do. My folks will eat any kind of food, although we come from thin crust land (CT) so deep dish pizza has less allure for us. Thank you very much for any suggestions/help.

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  1. The restaurant at the Sheraton is Shula's Steakhouse. It's a chain on the level of, say, Morton's, but they usually do a pretty good job (altho I haven't been to the one in Chicago), particularly if you like BIG MEAT. The closest restaurant (about 2 blocks away at 465 E. Illinois) that gets some love on this board is De la Costa (465 E Illinois St) a fairly nuevo Nuevo Latino place.

    1. I would say Shula's would be an ideal choice, since it is in the building and the food is good (if you like steakhouse fare). Volare is about 3 blocks away (201 E Grand) and is often listed among the better italian joints in the city. I would imagine the hotel could easily coordinate transportation to Navy Pier, and I have found that Riva (on the pier) has nice seafood in a really lovely setting (I would recommend the nicer top floor, there is an elevator). Kind of touristy, but very fresh seafood, and one of the best views of the lake. But that would probably necessitate some kind of taxi or shuttle, which might not be convenient for you....hope you have a lovely dinner, whatever you choose!

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        I really like Volare, but it's down the hill from the Sheraton and the walk back up may be challenging.

        May I suggest that you call the concierge at the hotel and they can arrange a Town Car or van serivice that may be a great way to get around. Also, many of the sedan/limo services in the city will do drop off and pickup for around $50 each stop. Finally, if you'll have a car, nearly every good restaurant in the city has valet parking for between $8 and $10. I live downtown and we often drive to restaurants rather than cab since parking can often be cheaper than round trip taxi. Especially when I take my 82 year-old grandma out for dinner.

        If you can get the car arranged, some of my favorites within 10 minute ride of hotel that an octegenarian will like: Aigre Doux, Naha, One Sixty Blue.

      2. Thank you, thank you jbw, kstaigs, and jbontario. Those are all great suggestions. My Mom loves fresh seafood, and the idea of getting them an "appropriate ride" is wonderful.