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Any place interesting in Greenbelt

Anyone know of an interesting special occasion type place for lunch not too far from the beltway. Some of us a coming from Annapolis and some from Rockville, so that seemed half way.

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  1. I've always liked Sir Walter Raleigh Inn on Greenbelt Rd. for lunch.They have a terrific salad bar.

    1. There's Chef's Secret, on Greenbelt Road, for Thai. It's been a while since I've eaten there, but it's always been pretty good.

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        Good Curry, but they haven't changed their menu since I moved here in 2000

      2. With all due respect to the previous posters, Sir Walter Raleigh and Chef's Secret both suck. If you don't care at all about the food, then they would be good options.

        I lived in Greenbelt for many years, up until a few months ago. Here I am in town again, and nothing has changed. There are several good hole-in-the-wall places -- and I'd be happy to put up some recs for those -- but there's frankly no such thing as "interesting special occasion type place" anywhere near Greenbelt. The closest is probably Gah-Rahm, a Korean BBQ place up route 1 in Beltsville. But for what you're asking, you would have better options if you went into the city.

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          Unfortunately alopez is correct. You might consider the New Deal Cafe in the old town, which is at least tasty but not especially fancy

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            The New Deal was closed for renovations as recently as two days ago. Leaving aside my personal opinion of it (not very good), you should at least give them a call before heading over.

          2. Using a broad definition of your parameters, I would strongly recommend you consider the restaurants in Riverdale's "Little Mexico," south down Kenilworth Avenue from 193 (Greenbelt Road). They're not fine dining, but they're certainly interesting and fun for an adventuresome crowd. The Mexican (or Tex-Mex) food is about as "authentic" as it gets around here. The Alamo might fit the bill. Despite what others say, the Sir Walter Raleigh ain't that bad, particularly if you want to play it safe. Chef's Secret has gone downhill. Bowie is a decent half-way point, and you should also consider the venerable Grace's Fortune for Chinese on Rte 450. Dim Sum on weekends.

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              Is that good Indian restaurant still open, and still good, down Greenbelt Road?

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                Yes and yes, if you're referring to Maharajah's in the Cipriano Square Shopping Center across from NASA Godard. Different name now, which I don't remember.

            2. I think you will have better luck in another location. If some are coming from Rockville and some from Annapolis I would try Silver Spring or Columbia/Ellicott City instead.

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                How about the Indian and Latino places around NH Avenue and University in Langley Park, like Udupi and Samantha's?

              2. I agree with Steinre1 that Howard County is a better mid-point for lunch than Greenbelt. The Rockville people can avoid the Beltway and cut across the northern part of Montgomery on Rte 198 to Rte 29. Fulton and southern Columbia will be more convenient than northern Columbia and Ellicott City. I'm not sure whether you want weekday or weekend lunch.

                Consider Ranazul (tapas), oz Chophouse (steakhouse), or Trapeze (fish/American) in Fulton at Rte 29 and Rte 216. They're all upscale places in the Maple Lawn development. Casual, but very "special occasion." They're the closest to Rte 29.

                Consider Sushi King in Columbia for great sushi. Nice place. Unique sushi rolls. They even have little private rooms that would make a very special occasion.

                Consider Mango Grove or Mirchi Wok in Columbia for a wide range of delicious Indian. They're simple, shopping center restaurants, but special food. Call be to be sure you can order off the menu at lunch.

                I have a blog about Howard County food with items about most of these places: www.howchow.blogspot.com.

                1. agreed with most chatters here. I went to UMD and Sir Walter Raleigh used to always be where people suggested you take your parents - its scary. The only halfway decent place around there (or at least when I lived nearby) is Franklin's in Hyattsville. Its not fancy but good wood fired pizzas and apps as well as their own micro brews.