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May 28, 2008 01:56 PM

Sunrise-Coral Springs Italian

I'm looking for good, casual, authentic red sauce Italian (think Corona or Arthur Avenue style) in the Sunrise-Coral Springs area. Lunch or dinner.

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  1. Rosano's on Coral Ridge in the same shopping center as the publix by heron bay. we love that place. reasonably priced and they do not overcook the pasta. my husband loves the sausage & peppers arthur avenue style. i like the pasta zia with eggplant & mozzeralla cheese. my sister had the lasagna and loved it. we eat there whenever we want a plate of pasta!

    1. When I'm in town, I always eat at Mario The Baker in Sunrise. It hasnt been in business for over 30 years for nothing!! Its casual, inexpensive and I find the food to be very good. Maybe I love it so much because I've been eating there since I was a child, but its always packed at dinner time( even on a weeknight). The last time I was in town, I brought a friend there( who was visiting from Vero Beach) and she really enjoyed it. Their calamari rocks too( a huge portion for 5.95).

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