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May 28, 2008 01:51 PM

Fuloon Peking Duck

Tommorow is my b-day. The wife has offered to allow me to choose from Via Matta, Troquet, Union Bar & Grille, or No. 9 Park, but after some deliberation I just want my Fuloon. I have questions:

1. The things we get at Fuloon and love are
a. Szechuan Style Whole Fish
b. Steamed Pork Shoulder, Home Style
c. Bean Curd with Special Sauce
d. Hot Diced Chicken Szechuan Style
e. Mandarin Cabbage with Chili Pepper
f. Wok Baked Beef
g. Tea Smoked Duck

What else should I try? Do you think they have/know of any "special" off menu items I could/should order? This is my birthday dinner and I want to be adventurous! Given the rejected dining locations, price at Fuloon is not really an issue.

2. I am considering the Peking Duck. Has anyone had it? I've never had Peking Duck (anywhere) but have read lots of interesting things about it from other places on this board. I assume the Fuloon preperation will be very good. Agree?


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  1. You've chosen beautifully. I think I had that same entire meal recently!

    I happen to think that oneof the best dishes on the menu is the Steamed Beef Szechuan Style. I like it a little better than Wok Baked Beef, and quite a bit better than the Pork Shoulder.

    Not sure they're known for Peking Duck, but given how good the rest of the menu is, it's probably fab.

    1. try the jiang pao duck, beancurd leaf with pork, and jingdu pork pancake

      1. I'm w/ whittlejosh-
        1. Great choices
        2. I prefer the steamed beef (very spicy)over the the wok based beef, but you can't lose either way.

        I've only been offered one special that I have never seen on the menu. It was a cold cucumber appetizer. Very refreshing (especially on a warm day/ night) just a touch of heat.

        I've been trying to explore this menu more deeply and a recent "discovery" was the cold spiced shredded tripe appetizer. Tripe can nudge me outside my comfort zone at times, but this was excellent, easily the best tripe preparation I have had regardless of cuisine/style.

        Have a great birthday and be sure to report back.

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          One of the best dishes I have had there is the Szechuan Double Cooked Pork.
          They use a belly (bacon) cut which seems to be braised before the final stir fry

          One of the best pork dished I have had anywhere

        2. Fuloon does offer a Peking Duck, which is a special off-menu item that has to be pre-ordered. We have not tried it yet, but actually are planning to try it next week. I promise a full report!

          However, the Jiangpao Duck, which does not require any advance ordering, is really terrific and very unusual.

          There are several "special order" items at the very end of their menu; you can see them on-line at the bottom of this website:

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          1. re: lipoff

            Thanks for the replies everyone. The Peking Duck actually is on the menu but does say call ahead- One thing I thought was a little strange was that I called yesterday to see how long I needed to call ahead, and apparently it is just an hour, which sort of surprised me. I looked up some stuff on preperation on wikipedia and it says you can basically "recook" the duck after the initial work is done. So I guess that is what they must be doing?

            With respect to the "special order" items, we asked about those a couple of months ago thinking they might be special delicacies and apparently they are basically really big dishes for multiple people, like for a party or something.

            1. re: drbangha

              The "Special Order" items are large dishes traditionally prepared for a banquet.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                Yes and upon my last inquiry, the recommendation was 3 days advance order for those dishes

                1. re: Food4Thought

                  So here is my report:

                  1. Service was again incredible. The hostess knows everything you could possibly want to know about the preperation, origin, etc. It is one of the best things about Fuloon. They were also pretty funny and had a big "Reserved" sign on a table for us notwithstanding the fact that the place was about half empty. We got a kick out of it as did they.

                  2. We took a play out of Food4Thought's playbook and went for the tripe for the app. EXCELLENT. I've only had tripe once before (actually at Angela's) and, there, it was the second thing I've ever eaten to be "beyond my comfort zone" (the first being chicken feet). The tripe at Fuloon was fully redeeming. It is actually refreshing if you can imagine that. Quite spicy, tangy. Definitely would recomend it. I wolfed it down. DC loved it as well.

                  3. We had the steemed beef. It was very good, but I think I marginally prefer the wok baked beef. That said, I've got the leftovers for my lunch and just typing this is making me hungy at 9:30 AM. It certainly was a good change up from the usual.

                  4. The other new thing we tried was the Golden Pork Chops with Garlic. That stuff is out of sight. It is fried crispy with a light, delicious batter with fresh garlic all over it. It is one of the best things I have had there and it makes me wonder how many other fantastic hidden jems are on that menu. Highly recomended.

                  5. Now for the Peking Duck. First off, I need to reiterate that I have never had Peking Duck anywhere. With that substantial disclaimer made, I will say I was a little disappointed. The duck was very good, but I was sort of expecting to be blown away given the call ahead, etc. and how wonderful everything else is. I think my disappointment mostly was a case of heightened expectations- to be clear, it was quite tasty and interesting and as good as everything else. I'd really like to hear from Limster or somebody that knows Peking Duck about their impressions of Fuloon's prep.

                  So all in all another stellar meal at Fuloon. One other thing I will mention for those of you who aren't familiar with the neighborhood- there is a trendy Japanese/Asian place with live Jazz and a very NYC feel to it just up the street- All Seasons Table. We went there for a couple fancy schmancy drinks and an excellent app (White Tuna) before we went to Fuloon for the real deal. If you are coming by the T (Malden Station) it would be quite easy to go to All Seasons (which is quite reasonable) and then come down the street to Fuloon.

                  1. re: drbangha

                    Great report. Thanks. I want to get to Fuloon soon.

                    eta: the peking duck prep at King Fung Garden in Chinatown is 3 courses -- soup made with duck bones, with tofu, an inconsistent duck and bean sprout stir fry, and the main attraction, the duck skin, scallion brushes and hoisin to wrap in pancakes. Is this how it was served at Fuloon?

                    1. re: yumyum

                      No- It was basically just the duck meat and the skin. There were pancakes, some really good sauce which I am guessing was hoisin, and then fresh vegetables. You are to spread the sauce over the pancakes and then wrap the vegetables and the duck into the pancakes. I think we got the "main attraction" but not the other courses. I read that it is typically served in three courses and next time maybe I will see if that can be done. I think they would do just about anything.

          2. There was a lamb with cumin dish they had as a special a few months ago that we really enjoyed. Not sure if it's still available.

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            1. re: Chris VR

              On top of all of the other great recommendations here (and a few that are now on my list of new dishes to try), I'll add that the dan dan noodles at Fuloon are also terrific.