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May 28, 2008 01:49 PM

Corinth New York Anyone?

My college age daughter will be in Corinth NY for the summer for an internship. She cooks a bit - but not a lot and I'm wondering what she will be able to find in the way of eating places that have decent food that won't eat up all of her cash. (Not getting paid much, and with gas prices what they are...) Also wondering about grocery stores. Any input would be greatly appreciated. (She'll be commuting Corinth to Glens Falls - so places there are good too - and in between - if there is anything in between...)

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  1. Have you seen the movie Deliverance ? It could have been filmed in Corinth without much effort. All kidding aside, Glens Falls has a few options (restaurants/grocery stores). To the North is Lake Luzerne which used to have a decent village market that isn't too far. I would avoid Lake George as it is simply overpriced especially during Summer.

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      TonyO! I want to disagree with you, but unfortunately can't. I spend a few weeks each summer at a lake near Corinth. It is quite rural in a uniquely upstate NY kind of way. There is a significant vacation population that passes through toward the lake. Unfortunately, this hasn't really affected the food in town.

      In Corinth, her best bet may be Mollie's Mason Jar. It used to be in downtown until a fire last winter destroyed some businesses in the center of town. But I just drove by their new location this past weekend, which is at the local golf course now. It's much larger, which makes me fear that it might have lost some of its local quaintness, but the food is pretty good, and they serve it in big portions at very reasonable prices.

      The supermarket in town is a Grand Union - it actually is surpisingly well-stocked for such a small store in such a rural location (it is literally stuffed with products). Also, it has respectable produce. I think they stock it so well for the vacationers.

    2. There is no place to eat in Corinth for Chowhounds. Papa's in nearby Lake Luzerne is probably your best bet. Loyal local following.

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        Thanks for the input so far - had heard that Corinth is less than wonderful - you've just confirmed what I've been told before.
        Didn't imagine there would be any "chowhound-able" spots in town - but thought this would be the best place to ask for places that are clean, safe, and produce food that a college student can eat when exhausted after too many hours of work. This is her first time "out on her own" without a dining hall or a mom to provide meals, so looking to give her a bit of direction.
        Pizza, chinese, diner - any would be fine - if they exist.
        Again - thanks for the help so far!

      2. Famcruisefun, I wish I had seen your post before your daughter's internship,.... I DISAGREE with the responses posted:
        Corinth is a great little town nestled in the banks of the Hudson River, with several eateries suitable for your daughter. All within 2-3 blocks of the center of town, there are the following places to eat: Jack's Country Corner Diner, Roccos Pizzeria, Gold Dragon Chinese Restaurant., The Barn (great hotdogs & soft ice cream), Amore's (pizza & italian), Subway & Biscuits Bakery (great sdelection).
        And as one other post stated, The supermarket is Grand Union, which has everything your daughter would need for a bite to eat after a long hard day at work.