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Austin's happy hour specials

I have seen a thread along these lines, but it was a little bit dated. I have been to Eddie V's (50 cent oysters and 1/2 price on select appetizers), McCormick and Schmicks ($2 burger, $4 mussels, etc.), Sullivans ($5 burger), and Roux ($8 for a dozen oysters, $6 for a lb. of mud bugs, etc.) for Happy Hour. All four are in their own right great deals. What other happy hours do people know of that are worth the effort?

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  1. Here is my list of Happy Hours offering better than average food:
    Venue-start time-days-features

    Aquarelle 5 Tu-Sat
    Austin Land & Cattle 5 red eye burger
    Castle Hill 5 Mon-Sat
    Cipollina 330-530 Sat Sun Pizza
    Clay Pit 4 Curried Veggies
    Driskill 5 Tu-Th Perhaps the best value in Fine Food
    Eddie V 430 M-F Sat Sun
    Fino 5
    Fonda San Miguel 5 M&Tu
    Hut's 6 2 for 1 Burgers M&W, Meatloaf on Thursday
    Jeffrey's 5 Sun-fri 9-1030
    Kenichi 430 Sun-Fri Collar, tempura
    Kyoto 6 M-Sat Sushi
    Louies 106 4
    Mansion on Judges Hill 4
    Manuels 4 M-F Sat Sun Mole
    Mars 3
    McCormick and Schmick 4 Sun-Fri
    Melting Pot 5 M-Sun snickers fondue
    Mirabelle 530 Early Bird Special
    Moonshine 330 -630 Garlic
    Mother Egans 12-3 Fri Fish Chips
    Roaring Fork 430 M-F Sat Sun Big Ass Burger, Jerky
    Ruth's Chris 430 M-F Sat Sun Carpaccio,
    Sampaio 4
    Shoal Creek Saloon 3 M-Th 1/2 beef nachos
    Shoreline 4 View
    Siena 5
    Starlite 4
    Sullivan's 530 Th & 5 Sun
    Uchi 530 Shag Roll
    Vin Bistro 5 Wed
    Wink 5 Mon-Sat Foie Gras/truffles
    Z-Tejas 4

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      Wow, Paul Silver!! You get major, major 'hound props for such an extensive list.

      1. Headed to McCormick & Schmick's last night for their 9-11 happy hour (which is evidently in addition to their afternoon happy hour). Didn't try the $2 burger, but had the $2 hummus (good), $4 fish tacos (pretty good), and $5 turkey sliders (so so). Food wasn't great, but pretty good, especially for the prices. Drinks however weren't cheap.

        1. I can't vouch for most of these, but here are additional places to add to the list:

          - 219 West (219 W 4th), tons of food and drink specials: M-F 5-9, Sat 5-8, and Sun 6-8
          - Dona Emilias (101 San Jacinto), 1/2 price appetizers and drink specials: Sun-Fri 5-7
          - Imperia (310 Colorado), 2-for-1 sushi: M-F 4-7, Sat-Sun 5:30-7
          - Lambert's (401 W 2nd), $2 off bar food menu and drink discounts: M-F 5-7
          - Malaga (208 West 4th Street), M-Sat 5-7
          - Manuel's, 4-6 everyday
          - Roaring Fork (701 Congress), bar menu and drink specials: 4:30-close everyday
          - Sagra (1610 San Antonio), 1/2 off pizzas and $2 off all drinks: M-F 5-7
          - Shoreline Grill (98 San Jacinto), 1/2 price appetizers and drink specials: Mon-Fri 5-7
          - Taste Select Wines (202 Caesar Chavez), M-F 5-7 and Sun (w/live jazz) 5-8
          - Trulucks (400 Colorado), 1/2 price selected appetizers and wine specials: M-F 4:30-7

          1. Kona Grill in the domain has a great happy hour also.
            M-F 3-7 1/2 price app, 1/2 price pizza, 1/2 price select sushi rolls
            (they also have a reverse happy hour F-Sat 10-12)

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              The Daily Grill, also in the Domain, for Happy Hour offers 15 appetizers, 5 at $1.94, 5 at $2.94, 5 at $3.94, beers at $4 and wine at $5.

            2. Next door to Manuel's downtown is Cork & Co. Decided to visit... sign out front says extended hours 3pm to 9pm

              Great wine selection, $5 for any of: Italian sparkling, French sparkling, Argentine White Blend, 2005 Chardonnay More Vineyards, 2007 Pinot Grigio Italian, 2007 Gewurztraminer, 2006 Cabernet, 2006 Pinor Noir, 2006 Spanish Mencia, 2005 Merlot, 2006 Zinfandel, 2006 Petite Syrah

              Beers for $2: Coors light, Real Ale Rye, Real Fireman's 4, Real Brown, Lone Star, Real Pale

              Beers for $2.50: Boddingtons pint can, Guinness pint cans, Negra Modelo, Blue Moon, Dos Equis, Becks

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                The Draught House W 5 Free Pizza & S 3 Free Bratwurst

              2. FYI- Based on my last visit to Roux, it no longer has the Happy Hour specials.

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                  At Roux today (Thanksgiving), they have a banner that says Happy Hour... but no details. Bartender said domestic beers $1.50, included Shiner Bock. Tends to be a good spot for me to use WiFi when i'm on 6th street at 6pm and looking over evening options.

                2. Hadn't seen this mentioned, Alamo Drafthouse downtown:

                  Happy Hour Shows: Monday thru Friday shows that begin between 5pm and 6pm are Happy Hour Shows! We'll have $2 Tecate and Lone Star, $3.99 frozen margaritas, $1 off wells, $2 small popcorn and discounted theater admission. The Alamo Ritz: your new happy hour bar.

                  1. Tought I'd tack onto this one with a side discussion. Since it's going to be in the 50's tomorrow, where's a "cozy" happy hour? Maybe a fireplace, if I can get so lucky...

                    Was thinking about Ginerman or Dog and Duck, but the food's lacking there...

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                      Moonshine, at the bar in the carriage house?

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                        Oh, there's a thought. Of course, I finally got outside for a breath of air and it's really georgous outside...

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                          from an ancient post:
                          One of the staffers at Moonshine provided me with a moment of [unintentional] hilarity on a cold winter night a couple years ago.
                          I was enjoying a cocktail on the patio,basking in the glow of a roaring fire the establishment had built on a big steel contraption.A gent was hunkered down a few inches from the flames sucking on a cigarette[one would assume to get the taste of their mediocre food off his palate]when a waitress walked up and said"put it out".
                          He looked at her "You got a bucket of water,that's a pretty big fire?".
                          Indeed the fire was large and filling the entire area with smoke."I'm talking about the cigarette".
                          The man and I looked at each other for a moment and just burst out laughing.No patrons were hardy enough to brave the frigid night save for us and here was some worker who'd left her appointed duties inside to venture out and issue proclamations on the behalf of some far off governmental agency.
                          The two had a bit of a standoff as he finished his smoke...the irony of her demand was of course completely lost on her as she stamped her way back to her forgotten tables.I wandered through the hardwood fire fueled smoky haze to streetside and chuckled along to my next stop.

                          Haven't been back to Moonshine since.Consorting with idiots and eating mediocre food are two of my least favorite things..