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freeze tortillas?

I like to buy those pre packaged tortillas at the super market to make wraps etc but I never end up eating them fast enough, being just one little person, until they get moldy. Can I just freeze tortillas and then rewarm them to use? Anyone have a good way of doing so? I have frozen bread and bagels etc before but cant think of a good trick for tortillas. Thanks!

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  1. I just leave them in their original packaging (so I know what kind they are) and then into another ziploc bag to keep the air out. Normally, even though they are stacked, you can pop the top one off. They are so thin they defrost in a few minutes. When making quick quesadillas I don't even bother to defrost.

    1. My freezer is filled with tortillas from Mexico and Guatemala.

      1. I re-bag the pre-packaged in larger zip-locks, with a spritz of water 'twixt the packages with hopes of reducing the dehydration while they are frozen. Works OK with both harina and maize. As for the freshly pressed, still warm corn tortillas, they will never again be a tenth as good as on day one, so...as Janis sang...get it while you can.

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          I've left the mountains of Vera Cruz at first light, stopping to get fresh, hot, hand made, blue maize tortillas, packing them in a styro tortilla warmer, flying Vera Cruz-Mexico-Panama-Cali and freezing them that night. Not as good, but still fantastic.

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            Precious cargo. I'm sure they were assiduously kept out of harm's way from all master thieves, excpet for the "usual suspect". You :)

        2. I think the freezing has been covered. As for reheating, just put the still-frozen tortilla on a hot griddle, skillet, or comal. Flip it over a couple of times, and its good. This is why it's important to make sure they freeze flat! BTW, you should be using this method to heat up even the non-frozen tortillas. Putting a tortilla in a microwave just ruins them.

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            I agree that microwaving corn tortillas is a feckless task, they simply cruble and fall apart. Flour are more enigmatical because they dry out so quickly and become almost cardboard on a skillet or comal. I often microwave them, wrapped in moistened paper towels, then a tortilla warmer. How do you reconstitute them?

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              I've never had a problem with them getting too stiff. I do turn the temp up pretty high on the skillet. If the temperature is right, the risk is that they'll burn if you leave them on too long rather than that they will get stiff.

              Also, I don't buy fat-free tortillas. That might be part of the problem?

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                I warm up flour tortillas in the microwave all the time. With experience I have the timing down right, just long enough to warm them, no so much that they start to toughen or dry out. 12 seconds for one tortilla in my oven. For one or two the wet paper towel isn't needed. Of course tortillas heated this way should be eaten right away.

                Corn is better on the comal.


            2. We bought a suitcase at a thrift shop in Austin while visiting our daughter last Feb. and filled it w/ tortillas from Fiesta. We still have some in the freezer and they are so superior to any we can get locally. Yum.

              1. Anunez,

                We had a malfunction with our built-in, side-by-side, and the 'fridge side got a bit too cold. The tortillas, in the veggie drawer were slightly frozen. Fixed the problem, and they came back to temp, so I did a few, thinking there would be no problem. Well, the lard in the tortillas had changed and the texture was "mealey." I have not done a test, in the freezer, but would not anticipate that the results would be that different.

                Just my observations,


                1. yes -

                  corn tortillas: i usually parse them out into how many i use for dinner (12 tortillas per serving) and separate each 12 tortillas with wax paper or aluminum foil (i try to use wax for health reasons).

                  flour tortillas: same thing, but fewer tortillas for a serving (maybe 3).

                  1. thanks all - good to know when I go home for my dad's fresh tortillas I can keep em on hand

                    1. to reheat frozen tortillas, i bought a round clamshell shaped fabric container (made with oven mitt fabric), and it allows the tortilla to cook without the moisture buildup underneath the tortilla, which moisture can gum it up.

                      i bought it at wal-mart, and it had two sizes in the package -- 12" and 8" diameters. it is black with red trim, red and yellow flames, and a red logo that says "hot". it is also great for warming any bread -- and cooking baked potatoes in the micro.