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May 28, 2008 12:54 PM

Wings in Kingston?

Heading to Kingston tommorrow (Thursday May 29th) and I was hoping to try some wings - I figure with RMC and Queen's there has to be some good wing places, but couldn't find anything.

Does anyone know where to get good wings (crisp, unique/traditional, big, prefereably cheap - perhaps a wing night?) in Kingston?

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  1. You can try: Kingston Brewing Co.
    34 Clarence St, Kingston, Ontario K7L 1W9
    Tel: (613) 542-4978
    Although I have not been there for a little while, I used to go there with a friend quite often. This is a bar environment, but is also a fair sized restaurant, with patio in the back, and they make many different types of beer on the premises. Their selection of Scotch used to be quite extensive as well. Just as an aside, the friend that I used to go to this restaurant with now lives in Georgia, and is coming for a visit, and this is his choice of places to go! The food is typical of most pub fare, but the wings always were top notch, and the "Ghetto sauce" is a neat touch - when in brewing country, why not make beer type food sauces too!!

    1. I second the Kingston Brew Pub. The beer is also phenomenal.....(Home brewed)

      I believe there is also a chain of Wild Wing Located off of Princess Street, if you are looking for a well known place........

      1. as students..... we'd often go to the brass pub at division and princess..... and the shoeless joe's just down the road... except it's been replaced and revamped i believe with some sports bar.... haven't had the wings there..... there's also a philthy mcnasty's at princess and university .......

        but these are all typical wing places..... nothing to get too excited about ..... they have wing nights, but don't remember when.... tues/wed most likely.....

        i've only been to the kingston brewing co. once, and it was great!.... in the winter, i think they even have a curling lane in the back....

        probably too late for your needs, since ure already there, but have fun!

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          Thanks everyone for their suggestions - I only got tlaneyyz's before I left, and I did end up going to Kingston Brew Pub - what a great little pub! Ghetto sauce was a tasty flavour - thanks again though everyone!

        2. Hey guys..
          Just in case anyone stumbles upon this post again.. and is wondering about wings in kingston... There is a place call "Mcguiness Landing" that is a little bit outside of the downtown core.. along Bath Road ... They have my favourite wings of all time! I now live in Toronto .. yet still crave those wings! Delishhh! Saucy and meaty and messy and battered and yummy and crispy ! Go for the Medium Sauce.