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May 28, 2008 12:47 PM

Red Rock Grill - Calgary Crowfoot Area??

I work in the area, and noticed that Red Rock Grill was added to the main signage of one of the strip malls (the one at the Corner of Crowfoot Way and Nosehill Dr), its the one with Chiantis, Edo, Startbucks etc... I haven't seen anything open up in this complex yet though and haven't noticed anything buing renovated/built, even though its been a couple of months now that the sign was changed. Anyone have any idea whats going on there?

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  1. That sign has been there for ages... we laugh about it all the time. My husband said he'd love to go there but it would take too long to find it! I'll ask the staff at Starbucks the next time I go in. (Maybe Chianti's could close....)

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      I could live without the Joey's Only

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        I could live w/o the Joey's Only

      2. We've been looking too and a week or so ago got a flyer (which I can't find now) so maybe the grill is still coming. My husband says the flyer had no address other than Crowfoot Center or Circle but the pictures looked like Harry's.

        Joey's Only took a real dive in quality a couple of years ago.

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          Yes I used to love the AYCE night when I was younger, now its just bleh! I haven't been to Harry's in ages, pretty good wings.

        2. Sharoneanne had it right. Today a banner was hung up over the 'Harry's Pub' sign that says 'Red Rock Bar and Grill'.