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May 28, 2008 12:38 PM

where to have a group (12?) dinner near uc berkeley campus?

there's a festschrift for jim gray, the computer scientist who disappeared at sea around
a year ago, this saturday on campus. lots of outta towners visiting for that, and i want to arrange
a group meal. (if any of you are coincidentally participating, you're welcome to join up...
but if you aren't, you probably won't find the conversation that interesting...)

can you help suggest what's the best place to have such an event in berkeley,
preferably walking distance from campus?

it should be quiet enough that a group can converse (although this is always difficult
at a table bigger than 6)...

i am particularly unfamiliar with good chinese places (e.g.) closer than pacific far east mall or
solano, which don't exactly qualify...

i have had indian food at an unremarkable place on university (even closer than shattuck),
which has an upstairs group area.

thanks for any suggestions...

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  1. Great China is good. See topics linked from the Places entry for tips on the best dishes.

    Great China Restaurant
    2115 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704

    1. In the evenings, Jupiter seating extends down the back alleyway past Cafe Panini.
      Rectangular tables that can be pulled together to seat an arbitrarily large group. It's
      outside (with heatlamps) so unless the fog's real low the ceiling is relatively anechoic.
      You'd definitely want to do some preliminary reconnaissance and reservationmaking
      because noplace else in the restaurant will likely work.