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May 28, 2008 12:30 PM


Does anyone know where to buy fresh yeast in the OC area?

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  1. From a past post on the same subject (places are probably still relevant-or places to start looking)

    1. Check the dairy case of your local supermarket. I see it all the time at my local Pavillions despite the store's horiible selection.

      1. Fresh yeast is increasingly hard to find for the home baker. Most recipes will call for the use of active dry yeast but nothing can replace fresh yeast for that deep rich flavor in bake goods. My belief is people have either never tasted freshly bake goods made with fresh yeast or have simply forgotten what wonderful flavors fresh yeast give to baked goods.

        There are scattered places around LA that sell it and sometimes you can even talk a local bakery into selling it to you. However, the most reliable source for fresh yeast I have found is Surfas, on the corner of West Washington Blvd and National Blvd in Culver City. Surfas is a restaurant supply store that also carries many ingredients for cooking and baking, including 1 pound blocks of fresh yeast for about $3.75. If you are going to drive a long distance for your yeast, I suggest that you call first, (310) 559-4770, just to make sure that they have it in stock when you arrive. They are open to the public seven days a week so it should be easy to plan your trip around your baking schedule. Oh yea, bring something to keep tour yeast cool in for the drive back.

        1. Gloria's Bakeshop on Washington will definitely have it. It's a pastry supply store for the trade... Prices are better than Surfas.

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            Do you have the address? Googlemaps only shows a Nancy Gloria Bakeshop on Temple.

          2. The original comment has been removed