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May 28, 2008 12:17 PM

SATC post movie din/drinks (San Diego)

Can anyone recommend a great place to grab dinner/drinks in the North Park/Kensington area that would help us continue that Sex and the City vibe after the movie? We are looking for something fun, chic, upbeat but not TOO pricey. Is that possible? :) We'd even be willing to head to Hillcrest if the vibe is right. Thanks!

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  1. bite in hillcrest would probably fit the bill.

    my gfriends and i are going to confidential (gasp! in the gaslamp) and then going to the 9:55 show at gaslamp theater. we thought a late night showing would be more fun.

    1. If you're going tonight it is half-price wine night at the Kensington Grill (for bottles over $45) or go down the street to Beu Boheme for some French wine or interesting cocktails. Farther down, in North Park, is Alexander's on 30th, Urban Solace on 30th. Or in a slightly different neighborhood you could check out Lei Lounge in University Heights.
      Really though it depends on what time you are thinking about...Many restaurants with nicer bar/lounges close around 10 so you might want to think about that before you go.
      Have fun!

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        we're doing an afternoon show, so hitting dinner around 7. Gotta leave time to go out afterwards! Mainly we need a place that has a full bar, a lot of the places i have looked at only serve beer/wine.

      2. Oh no, I thought I had more time before I got dragged to that movie. . .argh!