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May 28, 2008 12:03 PM

need a Foodie vacation spot in N.E.

preferably along the coast. someplace with Quality Hotels as we're not real fans of the B&B thing, but if it's a Really Nice Inn with modern plumbing we'd consider it.

we'd like a setting that has Very Good to Excellent dining options at all price points. extra consideration will be given to ethnic-centric places. not really looking for night life but a lively bar/lounge that doesn't shut down too early would be sweet.

i've been to Bar Harbor and while nice, really didn't do it for me. BoothBay Harbor looks decent but all i can find is converted Motels. we Hate the Winnipesaukee region and have never found anything approaching decent there. ProvinceTown and most of the Cape have proven disappointing in the past. and we'd like to keep the drive under 3-4hours.

that's about it. we'd be going the last week in June for at least four nights.


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  1. In my opinion, if food is the focus, (or at least a major focus), you need to look at Boston or Portland. If you choose Boston, you would probably want to stay in the city (and consult the separate Boston Chowhound Board.) If you choose Portland, you don't necessarily have to stay in the city. You can find a place to stay in Maine that is more "small town coastal", but book your dinners in Portland. Hard to beat Portland for a "foodie" vacation spot. More "Food and Wine Best New Chefs" than any other place in New England. Lots of threads on this board to steer you to the best places (such as 555, Fore Street and Hugo's.).

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      i'm Boston-centric, in there for Fun and Chow at least 2-3 times a week.
      and i should of included it in my original post but we did Portland last September and again this past March. we're looking for something more Rural.

    2. Hey scuba, although not to far up ME, for part of the excursion, have you ever been to Harreseeket Inn? I mean totally not a motel. You and the GF can get some real pampering, excellent chow, they also have an English Style Pub. Also, it's a shortie to Casco Bay. Check out their w/site. www.harraseeketinn.com

      1. Have you tried Ogunquit? There are some nice motels/hotels and lots of dining choices in Kittery,York, Ogunquit, and an easy 1 hour or less drive to Portland for great food. The beach is gorgeous and there is a nice walk along the ocean on the marginal way. The Anchorage Motel, the Juniper Hill Inn (modern hotel) are both good choices. If you want real classy stay at the Cliff House in the Spa section of the Hotel- quite new and adults only. FAbulous spa and swimming pools, exercise rooms etc.
        Fodd- hot dogs at Flo' in York, Pizza at cafe Preggo, breakfast at the Omelette Factory. Lobsters and rum punch at Barnicle Billy's, excellent food at MC Perkins Cove with a great view; high upscale dinner at Arrows (an old farmhouse); or drive to York to eat at Lydia Shire's new place Blue Sky at the Atlantic Hotel. There is even an old movie Theatre with first run movies in the center of town. If you are more specific about food, I can give additional recommendations.

        1. Have you tried Ogunquit? Very pretty place, lots of nice places to stay and lots of excellent restaurants in Ogunquit, Kittery, Wells, and York- all within 15 minutes drive. Easy also to reach Portland for dinner out, less than an hour. Kennebunkport is about 20 minutes. Tell me what you are looking for in restaurants, hotels etc. and I can be more specific in recommendations. Ogunquit even has an old fashioned movie theatre in the centre of town with first run movies.

          1. Based on your profile of top restaurants (McDonalds, Wendys, etc.), I hesitate to recomment The White Barn Inn.

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              Are you saying the OP's top places are MickeyD's and Wendy's? if so, then you really don't know Scuba.

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                thanks Treb.

                jay--i drip sarcasm.