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May 28, 2008 12:01 PM

Chicken poaching, leftover liquid, what to do?

What should I do with my leftover chicken poaching liquid? I poach chicken with onion and garlic. I stagger the addition of the the chicken parts so they just cooked. The resulting broth is very light. I could use it instead of water to make chicken broth, or to cook beans. I would like to cut out the additonal broth step, and use it as is. Your ideas are appreciated.

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  1. Poaching liquid is one thing that I throw out--unless I have enough bones to immediately make a stock.

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    1. Seems like it might be too flavorless to use as is, unless, as you say, to cook beans. Next time, poach in chicken stock and all you'll have to do is defat and use.

      I often add a couple of tablespoons of Better Than Bouillon chicken to pasta water and poaching water instead of salt. In addition to your onion and garlic, maybe add celery, carrots, parsley, and veg trimmings from your freezer, and you've got a more flavorful broth to start with. Strain the spent veggies, defat, reduce if necessary.

      1. Be French and reductionist and get saucy.

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          I also suggest that you train yourself to be reductionary. The broth you describe should probably be reduced by 80% (i.e. 5 ups down to 1 cup) and add a pinch of sea salt.

        2. I normally poach my chicken in a light chicken stock and the use the leftovers to start a slow cooked Chinese soup.

          Remove the bones and used vegetables and add new ingredients (like Chinese herbs) and cook for hours. Then you have a slow fired soup. But do make during the summer. Why too hot.

          1. I eat poached chicken a lot ( usually the thighs on the bone). I freeze it and re use it to poach again. Until I feel that the broth is strong enough to use as chicken broth. This usually takes 2-3 poachings.