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May 28, 2008 11:45 AM

Your suggestions for LA hound visiting Swedesboro?

What are your favorite chowish places in and around Swedesboro? I'd love to taste the local flavors!

I'm a hungry chowhound visiting Swedesboro (from Los Angeles) and would really appreciate it if you would suggest some grubbin places around Swedesboro.

I'll be there for 5 days for work (Sunday thru Thursday). Thanks again!

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  1. Well, I haven't been there yet to eat, but you might want to check out Swedes Inn. They're part of the SJ Hot Chefs group, which is an organization of owner/chefs promoting South Jersey restaurants and using local farmers for their food. In reading the menu, it's clear that not everything is from Jersey, but they may be worth a try. Here's a link:

    There's also a few places nearby that you might find interesting: Nifty Fifty's, a local chain of '50s-style malt shops, in Turnersville; Creole Cafe in Sewell; and Pelican Fish Company, which looks like a more upscale seafood place, also in Sewell.

    If you try any of these places, let me know. I'm curious to try them myself.

    Enjoy your stay in Gloucester County.


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      Nifty Fiftys is great for milkshakes and Texas Tommys, everything I have tried at Pelican Fish I have enjoyed, same with Creole Cafe (blackened catfish is terrific). San Miguel in Sewell for Mexican is also very good. Try Fat Jack's for excellent BBQ.