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May 28, 2008 11:29 AM

What makes a great panini?

I'm curious... What do you think makes a great panini?

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    1. re: wolfe

      I am really glad that someone else in this country besides me realizes that one of these sandwiches is a panino. More than one are panini.

      Seeing menus that list a plural word for a singular item drives me to distraction. Sort of like hearing someone ask, "Would you like a sandwiches"?

      But, to return to the topic:

      Excellent bread
      A decent amount of meat
      A small amount of cheese
      A little bit of arugala
      Perhaps a bit a roasted red pepper

    2. I like them with Italian meats and cheeses. You also have to have something wet in there. Olive salad, roasted peppers or both! A good bread is a must.

      1. The bread.

        You could stuff it with cardboard, but if the bread is good it'd still be awesome.

        1. The Bread first, then the spread. I like an olive spread..a little oil and vinegar. Then, great fixins..fresh as possible.

          1. Balance.
            Even too much of the best bread or meat/cheese and a panino is out of whack.
            Gotta have the right bread, the right flavor combo of meat with enough of a proper cheese accent, something to moisten it, and then it should be grilled enough to heat it through without frying the heck out of it.
            An overstuffed panino is just wrong.