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May 28, 2008 11:05 AM

Rehearsal Dinner for 50 near Poughkeepsie?

Our son will be married in Poughkeepsie this August. We are looking to book a place in the area that can accommodate 50-60. Any suggestions would be appreciated as we are completely unfamiliar with the area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Aroma Osteria- Beautiful, and very yummy- ask for Eddy.

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    1. re: rkaene

      Thanks for the suggestion,rkaene. I just called Eddy and, unfortunately they already have a party booked on the evening we are looking for. Any other suggestions?

      1. re: EricD

        shadows on the hudson?

        nowhere near as good as aroma, but in poughkeepsie as well.

    2. Cosimo's is pretty good. Shadows has decent food and can definitely accommodate a large party.

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      1. re: applesauce23

        Aroma Osteria has a sister restaurant called Il Barilotto... (I'm not sure if they can accomodate a party that large, but you can try them - ask for Scott).
        Also, although the food is not as good, try The Blue Fountain - they have a very nice private room that can easily accomodate 50-60 ppl.

        1. re: Feaster18

          Another idea is to rent a space and use a caterer... my engagement party was at the Poughkeepsie Tennis Club and the caterer was Slammin Salmon. The food was delicious... you can call them and they will probably be able to help with other ideas for spaces if you do not like the tennis club.