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May 28, 2008 11:02 AM

Great fruit platters around Baltimore?

Thanks for your great suggestions in the past. My request today is to find a few good restaurants around the north part of the Baltimore beltway (from Pikesville to Timonium to about Perry Hall) where I can order a nice fruit salad platter.

There are only a few restaurants which still have salad bars (Ruby Tuesdays, for example), so I'm looking for somewhere to get just a large plate of seasonal summer fruits (doesn't even have to be exotic) and some cottage cheese for a lunch entree.

Thanks in advance for the awesome advice!

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  1. Please, please folks, can you help? I know it's not a real "foodie" question, but my friends keep kosher and won't eat anything but fresh fruit in regular restaurants. Does anyone know of a place in the northern Balto area with a decent fruit plate where other friends could have a reasonable lunch as well?