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May 28, 2008 10:55 AM

Dick's Dock-Metuchen N.J.

The NYT oyster story today set the tempo for todays lunch..

Bowl Manhattan clam chowder, spicy plenty of minced clams, on spot..Nine or ten cornmeal coated oysters, fried golden on the outside and still plump in the center, with a mustardy slaw, a few french fries made my day...

$17.00 with tip....

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    1. I went here for lucnh today and I should have ran out of the place when I walked it. (My husband agrees as well!)

      The place looks like a greasy spoon diner from the 80's. No atmosphere what so ever, but that was fine with me. There was only 3 other people eating there for lunch today at 1 pm, which should have also told us something.

      The menu looks like a complete diner menu.....omlettes, burgers, club sandwiches, and fried fish combos. Why is this even called a seafood restaurant? Should just be called a diner.

      Anyway, we figured we would just order a fried clam platter and a fried shrimp platter. It was just ok, nothing at all special. To be honest, I should have just bought some frozen boxes of fried shrimp and clams from Wegmans for 1.99 a box (or whatever they are in price now) and made this at home.

      The clams were not breaded there, they were the frozen kind, so you can't go wrong there. The fried shrimp was ok, but I wish these restaurants would CHANGE THE OIL they are all fried in!! The oil does have a bad taste to it after a while, it should really be changed.

      I did not bother to eat the french fries because who needs all that fried stuff. The cole slaw looked old and neither of us tried it.

      I really wish we went somewhere else. The check was $ 28.00 before the tip. (pricey for a bunch of fried stuff, right?)

      Next time, I will do as we always do, if the place looks "iffy" when we walk in, then we are leaving!

      Do yourself a favor, SKIP DICK'S DOCK!! blahhhh :(

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      1. re: Angelina

        We used to eat there often but haven't been there in several months. Can't imagine restaurant has changed so much. Dinner there was always good--fresh fish/seafood large portions and fair prices. I especially remember trout scarpione !

        Dick's Dock Restaurant
        452 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 08840

      2. I went there every weekend to Dick's Dock on Main Street in Metuchen NJ from 2005-2008 with my deceased ex-boyfriend Paul J. Vescuso.
        It was a fun place & it is missed a lot.