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May 28, 2008 10:31 AM

Good wine and bites for group in SEA

I'm trying to plan a birthday get together for about 10 - 12 people in early June (procrastination is bad!). I want an atmosphere where people can mingle (not stuck at a table, etc) with a good wine selection and small bites of food available if people so choose. I'd prefer to not go to a place that has too much of a "scene," but I don't mind terribly if that's my only choice.

Please help? I'm so lost!

My only idea was Local Vine in Belltown, but my friends complained of their "uncomfortable" seating.

Thank you thank you!

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  1. Poco Wine Bar in Capitol Hill is nice for that, but not sure how much food you want? Even being small bites you couldn't really make a meal.
    My first answer would have been Oliver's Twist up on Phinney, but their service has went downhill in the past 6 months or so. But amazing small plates and an easy atmosphere for mingling if you snag the front booths or the booth/tables along the back.

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      If you can do a Monday, you might enjoy "Happy Mondays" at Art of the Table in Wallingmont. AotT has a website with more info and a sample menu on it.