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May 28, 2008 10:30 AM

Taverns near Wrigley

I'll be going to Chicago this summer and will be going to Cubs game of course.My question is what's the best tavern for pre game beer near Wrigley.

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  1. Wow, there are quite a few "Taverns" to choose from! For starters, check out the new Harry Carey's Tavern on Sheffied at Addison, a stones throw from the likeness/statue of Harry himself. Other noteworthy Taverns in the area are; John Barleycorn's on Clark just south of Addison, Johnny O'Hagans on Clark 2-3 blocks south of the ball park, The Irish Oak on Clark just south of Addison, Sheffields Bar and Grill on Sheffield at School street, Goose Island Beer Company serves their own specialty brews (mediocre food), etc. This should keep you busy. Have fun! Let's hope the Cubbies win!!

    1. For pre-game drinks, I'd recommend the Cubby Bear just across the street from Wrigley. For after the game, the Wild Hare is a great reggae bar a few doors south. A few years back, the Wild Hare was voted as making the strongest cocktails in the city. And there's usually a band or 2 playing after the games. Enjoy!