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Bauer's Ristorante Denver?

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Has anyone tried the newish Bauer's Ristorante in Denver, which took over the old Bauer's space (what most recently had been Victory Cafe)? I can't find anything about it anywhere, no reviews, nothing. Thanks!

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  1. This was all I could find. Not much help but gives a bit of background that was interesting. http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news...

    1. Here's a thread with some info. If you couldn't find it before I think that's because there's no "e" in the name.


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        Ah yes, thanks.

      2. We have been to Baur's Denver for lunch and dinner and loved, absolutely loved both! Their moderately priced and the food was excellent. From salads to seafood, my table enjoyed it.

        1. Lisa,
          Yes - I've been there recently. Did a little writeup about them and their Mija Pie: