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May 28, 2008 10:16 AM

Bomboloni in the GTA?

Quite a few years ago, somebody brought some bomboloni (italian doughnuts?) to a meeting and shared them. He said they were from a small restaurant called Bombe Calde that was basically in Woodbridge/Vaughan (?) around Islington and Highway 7. They were great, light and fluffy lemony things, with hazelnutty nutella-esque chocolate in the middle.

I was wondering if anyone knows if Bombe Calde is still there and if so, whether they still sell their bomboloni there... Or does anyone know any other places that make these?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Bombe Calde is still in business but they have moved from their previous location. If I remember correctly, they are on Islington, north of Hwy 7, on the left side (west side) after the BBQ place and attached to a clothing store called Silver Planet or something like that. I haven't had them in years but I do remember them being very very good.

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    1. re: icey has today a piece on bombe caldes from a place called Bombe Caldes Corporation located on Rutherford Road in Concord - and it looks really good!

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          Thanks for the help, guys! Wow, what a coincidence that there would be an article somewhere just as i'm thinking about them...

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            Is this the same place that icey is referring to?

          2. re: icey

            Would you happen to have an exact address or are you referring to the Concord location?

          3. The place on Rutherford was Espresso Expresso and has since closed - believe the owner sadly went to the wholesale side of the business. No worries though as Dolce Bombe Cafe is in the same area on Pine Valley Drive just south of Hwy 7. If you haven't tried a bomboloni you are in for an amazing experience. They are made fresh and served warm with your choice of filling. They also make a great latte to go with. Enjoy!