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May 28, 2008 09:04 AM

Venice: One Lunch, One Dinner Only

We will be traveling from Verona to Venice, by train, for one day only and need a lunch and a dinner recommendation. Since we need to take a train back to Verona at 8:42 p.m., we need to have a fairly early dinner at a location convenient to the train station. Any suggestions?

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  1. Why don't you give us some idea what you'll be doing during the day? That way, we can give you a couple of ideas close to the places you might be during lunch time. With only one day to enjoy the sights of Venice, I sure wouldn't make a trek across the length and breadth of the city to a lunch-time destination restaurant.

    For dinner, I'll enthusiastically recommend Vini di Gigio in Cannaregio. There may be restaurants closer still to the Santa Lucia train station, but this great place is located close to the Ca d'Oro vaporetto stop with the Ferrovia stop just a short ride away.

    You can do a further search on this board for specific food recommendations at Vini di Gigio.

    1. I agree with the above post that taking a leisurely lunch at a convenient location is better than an early rush dinner. For dinner, stop for some cichetti and a glass of wine before heading for the station. Vini di Gigio is good and not too far from St. Lucia. I don't think they serve before 7pm, as with most good restaurants, and that would not give you enough time.

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        Venice is an early eating/early closing down town - I wouldnt at all rule out getting dinner before an 8:40 train - the Fontana restaurant on the Cannaregio canal is a quick walk away from the station, for example - but there are also a lot of wine bar type places going out toward the station, clustered around the Rialto market or around Strada Nuova so there are plenty of options.

        Eating in Venice you have to work around closing days - Sunday is particularly hard. Id review the posts on the site, think about what area you will want to be in at lunchtime and check closing days of the nearby places to make a decision.

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          Most places list dinner hours only starting at 7:00-7:30. We will likely do our large meal at lunch and then head over to Cannaregio area for cichetti prior to leaving. Does Fontana do that?

          Alle Testiere does lunch, so we may head there for the large meal. Thoughts?

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            Alle Testiere is excellent and quite close to Piazza San Marco. Search this board as there are many posts on this restaurant, including mine.

      2. I was just in Venice and ate at Alle Testiere for dinner on Thursday night, their 9:15pm sitting. It was fabulous. Since dinner is out of the question for you, do try to get in for lunch. The Sardinian wine we had perfectly complemented all of the fresh fish dishes. Seared tuna was perfectly prepared, accompanied by a nicely sour chutney. My husband's appetizer of spaghetti and clams was the other highlight dish, though they were all fabulous.

        Have fun!